Saturday, November 01, 2008


I am just too lazy to load all the Halloween pics on blogger tonight. I wish it was as easy as loading them to flickr! So I will just show you this one thing and then try to list the Halloween pictures in a day or so. You know, when everyone's sick and tired of looking at Halloween pics.

I made this spirit doll for my neighbor and friend, Justyn. Monday is her birthday and I wanted to make her something special. She loves stones, gems, crystals and I had this amethyst here so I have it cradled in a little pod that is attached to the doll. The arms are little pods or leaves, too. It makes me happy to look at her and I'm excited to give her to Justyn.

I got a very exciting phone call this evening and it came at such an unbelievable time.

I've been kind of in a creative funk. I was feeling out of place, disconnected and really losing my bearings with why I even create.

I put my soulcollage cards in a bag and decided that I was just never going to do soulcollage again.

I hadn't made any spirit dolls for a while either.

Those are two things I just can't do just to have a piece of something I made. They have to express something; something real, something I am feeling.

I wasn't unhappy or anything. I have an incredible life filled with love and many joys. I was just feeling out of sorts spiritually. I was still visualizing and all of that stuff. I was just feeling "unspiritual." Man, it's hard to explain!

So, today I had some kind of breakthrough. I got up early and was reading and stuff just kept hitting home. I suddenly remembered that life is about giving and sharing and loving (not about fitting in, being a good artist, etc) and bah da bing, the veil was lifted. I felt gratitude consume me and suddenly I had to make a doll.

I was visiting some collage artist pages and thinking that I'd like to do some collages again, too.

Then this evening, I get a call from a woman who found me through the internet. First she started at DIY, which lead her to soulcollage and Seena's page. She was wishing there was something like that in Roanoke. She found the drop down box where you can search for someone in your state and found me.

Then she mentioned it to some of her friends and one remembered seeing one of my flyers at the bookstore and another remembered seeing my announcement in the Lifestream paper. Amazing!!!

So she's been talking to several of her friends who are interested in doing SoulCollage and she wants me to facilitate.

And get this! She lives a block over! We were both amazed by that. And we hit it off immediately. I felt that I was truly talking with a kindred spirit.

Next week we're going to try to get together. She's invited me for tea or coffee and wants me to bring my cards and we're going to make big soulcollage plans.

I am so grateful. As I told her, the Universe is amazing.

I took down all the new stuff I had put up and put back the bright colorful spiritual art that moves me and I don't care if it doesn't fit into a particular style. It is me.

It feeds me when I remember to see it.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful story, I love it when it all comes together and we don't have to lift a finger :-).
be yourself, follow your bliss.

Kate Robertson said...

I like the story of this creation. I often find myself in a funk and I somehow come out of it so just let it be.


Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Annie, Me too!

Kate, I'm trying to learn that. It seems to be pretty common, I'm finding out. whew. :)

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

oops. I'm on Patrick's computer. lol