Sunday, November 16, 2008

Handmade Christmas

This is a bath mitt I crocheted for my mom. I'll give it to her for Christmas. The soap is from Hidden Haven Homestead. Peggy and Diva make the creamiest soap. I also crocheted a bath pouf but I haven't photographed it yet. I would love to find some homemade shower gel to go with it. I also found some cute patterns for soap savers that you can put all those little slivers of soap in and then use as a scrubber, rather than throwing them out.

I have another video to share with you. I hope you don't mind. It's always your choice, of course, to watch it or not. I just find listening to many different views to be so helpful and inspiring. I listen to a lot of radio interviews, read a lot and watch videos every morning to get my spirit focused and to keep my awareness piqued. Sometimes I just can't help but share at least one of the videos of the day with you.

Today, it's the wonderful Mr. Chopra. I was introduced to Deepak's teachings about 11 years ago. I am delighted and surprised that he is now practically mainstream. Many people say negative things about the Secret, but the gift the Secret gave us was to bring these new teachers into the awareness of a people who didn't have it before. We have Oprah to thank for it as well. And she is being raked over the coals for it in many conservative circles. I appreciate her candor and her desire to share what she believes. I never watch Oprah. It's just not something I ever think to do, but I do watch some things that are on YouTube and I always enjoy her authenticity.

I listened to Debbie Ford this morning also. If you go to, you will find the interview Debbie did with Laura. Laura is a wonderful artist who seeks to inspire other artists to find their creative purpose. I receive her newsletter every Sunday and there is always a gem there. Laura has a radio show where she interviews a nice variety of people.

I think Debbie Ford's book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, may have been the very first book of that nature that I ever read. I had forgotten about it, but as I heard Debbie mentioning it and talking about the shadow side, as I believe Jung called it, I realized why SoulCollage was so healing for me and why I continue to see amazing value in it. SoulCollage helped me to recognize my shadow sides and to value them, but also to recognize when they're trying to protect me and gently reassure them that I can move on without acting out.

It's amazing how you can take little steps like reading this book or that article or even hearing a song, and without even realizing you're taking steps you turn around one day and realize how your path has taken you places you would never have dreamed of.

I think that's why Mike Dooley with Totally Unique Thoughts continually tells us that the "cursed hows" are not our job to think about. When we have a dream and our first thought is, "but how will I do it?" we are immediately limiting ourselves. Our job is to dream and follow the intuitive steps that are presented to us and leave the hows to be handled by the amazing abundant creator of the Universe, because there are ways for things to happen that we cannot imagine ourselves.

Think of the happiest moments of your life. How many of them could you actually have figured out ahead of time? How many could you have engineered? How did you meet your best friend? your lover? your cat? Would you ever have dreamed that you would have met them that way? What if you had been so worried about how you would meet them that you missed it because you were so busy working on making that happen?

For me, it's always been the unexpected things that have brought me the most joy.

I think we have to have our dreams, but not be too attached to how we realize them. Yet, attached enough to do the work that is before us to do and then follow those gut signals we receive, those nudges and trust in the creative power within us to be able to handle the new work and on and on until we have manifested that dream and have begun to work on a whole new dream. Life is just one beautiful dream after another, isn't it?

Ok, here's Deepak, talking about his latest book. He also has a couple of things to say about our president-elect.

Have a wonderful week. My love to you. xoxoxoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, I needed that :-).

Lisa said...

Hi Annie, you are so very welcome!