Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember in my last post I talked about our new computer? Well, last night there was a storm and it got fried! I was making lasagna and it suddenly got dark and windy and the wind started. I ran around closing windows to keep the rain from blowing in. Then the thunder and lightning started so I ran shutdown both computers. I was almost finished with the last layer of lasagna when the thunder crashed so loudly that I jumped and said "Good God Almighty!" LOL Then the lightning immediately followed and I heard a loud click. I guess that was our new computer dying.

Thank goodness Patrick is not a procrastinator (like his wife). He took the processor back this morning and it was exactly the 30th day since we bought it and the last day that we could simply exchange it for a new one! Whoohoooooo. We bought the extended warranty as well, but we would have had to wait 10 days while they shipped that one off to fix it had it not been within the 30 days. I am so grateful!!!

I also wanted to come here and share a couple of websites I happened upon this morning. I am painting a shelf and was looking for inspiration. I am always inspired by Violette of course and I was hungry to see more things that had bright colors like she uses. I found a woman, Wendy Prentice, that I'm pretty sure is a good friend of Violette's and I loved the site where I found her. Go take a look and enjoy all the happiness! Wendy also has a blog and a website.
I love it when I find new (to me) artists and fun new things to look at. I was definintely inspired.

Another great site I came across was Luonsart Amazing stuff! I want to be sure to tell Violette and Laura (another artist who inspires me!) about this site.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did, if you like that type of art.

I love folk art. It just makes me happy. I've already painted a nice checkerboard on the trim of the shelf and I've laid down a happy little orange line of paint. Now I'm off to see what else happens. :)


Mahala said...

I love folk art as well.
Many years ago a friends son was on the phone when lightning hit and it went right through the phone line, through the phone cord, into his ear and out his toes! So scary.

Lisa said...

That is scary! I've heard of that happening but I was never sure if it really could. Now I know!

Anonymous said...

That would have scared me half to death. I'm sooo glad that you are alright!I've never personally experienced that but I know that it would be to scary for words. I love folk art. The colors usually used in it are amazing. :)

DMG said...

I am SO sorry about your computer!!! Patrick is awesome, though. I can't wait to see how your shelf turns out. Don't you love Laura"s work? I wish my whole house was furnished with her designs. Do think it would be possible for you explain how I can include a link within a post? I often mention other blogs or artists, but I am so computer illiterate than I don't know how to link to their blogs. If it's not too much trouble, my e-mail is If it's too complicated, I understand.


Janet said...

Thanks for the link to Luon's site. I love her art!! I tried to check out Laura's but for some reason I can't get on flickr anymore. I've tried for over a week and it just won't let the page open. Maybe I need a new computer! It's such good luck that you were still within your 30 days and could get a replacement.

(I've been on a blogging break and I'm trying to catch up.)