Friday, April 04, 2008

Idol Gives Back

I'm an Idol fan. I'm hooked! I was a voice major so I'm rather obnoxious while watching but I cry when they are great. They're like my kids. I find myself saying "Good Girl!" when they hit the notes on key. :) Patrick loves it, too, and it's just about the only tv we watch. (House, Amsterdam and ballgames)....oooh and Two and a half Men, but don't tell anyone.

Anyway! Read here about an awesome charity that's linked to American Idol. When I get the word from Cathy, these two pieces will be on etsy as a donation. Fabric CollageFabric collage/ QuiltieThey've already raised $200! Isn't that cool?

Go to Etsy, type in "IdolGivesBack" and see all the awesome stuff for sale.

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PennyBlue said...

WAY COOL! The pieces are lovely! Happy Monday!