Saturday, January 05, 2008

Collaged Stool in Studio

Collaged Stool in Studio
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This is the stool I've been working on. I can't decide if I'm finished or not. I decided to collage on it. It was great for using up some of my papers that I've been holding on to.Back of collaged stoolFront of Collaged StoolClose-up front of Collaged and Painted Stool

The boxes beside it are some that I bought really cheap when I worked at Stein Mart. I keep stamps, markers and bits of paper in them.

Patrick and I have to go my car battery replaced today. This evening there are NFL games and I am going to sit with him while he watches and get some stitching done. It's been a while but I woke up in the mood this morning and have traced one pattern on a piece of muslin and drawn my own on another. I'm looking forward to getting them stitched up.

Have a great Saturday every one!


Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it Froggy! WOWWWWW!I was thinking of painting some of my furniture...tables..etc. You beat me to it. I think that it's wonderful just as it is.You are the artist though, you will know when it feels as if it's complete.I know will be fantastic!It already is!!!! *HUGS*

Kate Robertson said...


This chair is gorgeous. I love it and everything else you do too! Thanks for sharing this.


KaiBlue said...

Lisa, the chair is just groovie!! what a kewl vibe from it.. You must do a table too :)
If you look on my bloggie thing at
wet-wednesday (put it in the search thingie) You'll see what I mean.. :)

You are such a joy and talent!!
PEace, Kai

Lisa said...

Thanks Angela! It was really fun. I just put on some music and started mod podging paper on and then just painted in between the paper!

Kate Thanks so much! That means a lot to me.

Kai Oh that table and chairs is so awesome! I can see it would be easy to start painting everything in the apartment. lol

Angela said...

I love to come by here and get my regular shot of beauty and color. You never disappoint!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much Angela! That makes my day.

PennyBlue said...

WAY COOL! Absolutely love it! Happy Sunday to you!