Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some Stuff I've been doing

New Art Supplies
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I've reenergized to the idea of keeping an art journal and after watching Kate's video yesterday, I remembered that I have a great journal that's just perfect for this! These are my first two spreads.Life is Sweet

I could be in danger of not wanting to work, preferring to just play in my journal. :) Maybe someday I can do art journal workshops. I mean, the whole point is that it doesn't have to be perfect, right?

EDIT: I just put my first video on YouTube. It's really bad. LOL But now I know what not to do.

I got some oil pastels to try out yesterday and I really like them. Does anyone know if the water soluble ones are way, way different? That's what I think I meant to get, but these are pretty good and smushy.

I got some more canvases, too, and did a new collage last night. I like it but it's pretty funky. I think I'll still put it on etsy. Maybe someone out there will like "funky."

I watched a great video this morning, on Yahoo, about a woman who lost over 500 lbs. She was incredible because she truly hit the nail on the head.

She explained that it wasn't losing weight that made her happy. She discovered her value, did something that made her happy and the weight just came off.

She discovered her value through online friends, who accepted her because of her mind and soul. Then her vibration changed and her body changed to match it.

That's how life works.

If you want to change your life, change your vibration.

Put on some music....happy music! Dance, even if you don't feel like it.


Go for a walk.

Find a comedian on youtube and have a good belly laugh.

Find a way to get your vibrations faster, higher.

Do it every day.

Your life will change.

I promise.


Janet said...

I keep saying it....your art/journal pages show your happiness in so many ways. I love your enthusiasm and your encouragement and your overall joy in life. It's infectious!

Now I'm going to youtube to watch your video.

Kate said...

The water soluble ones are way different. The Portfolio brand is what I have. You can get them at Staples of all places or online. They blend well together and of course you can add water which does amazing things.
I am off to see your video.