Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pity: Party of One

Pity Part of One
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I guess I've been feeling a little insecure about quitting my job to paint and stuff. I've become obsessed with going to the computer to check Etsy and there's just not much interest. Maybe I'm kidding myself.

Then again, I didn't quit to be an artist. I quit to be a workshop facilitator, working with people to bring art into their lives in a healing capacity.

This thought comforts me and motivates me to finish up the things I need to do before my first scheduled SoulCollage workshop in January.

I'd also like to do some spirit/healing doll workshops and some art journaling workshops.

I've been enjoying getting around to your blogs today. I didn't make it everywhere and will keep going down my list hopefully this evening or tomorrow.

You're all so important to me. I hope you know it.

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

Your workshops sound like a plan.

I'd take a step back and look at your art.

If they are not selling on canvas why not put them on a canvas bag. Pick one out that you think would look great on a canvas bag and see if it sells that way. Don't make a bunch just make one at first.

Or like your little antimated Christmas stocking girl. I see you made her into a Christmas card. What about making her into a Children's book or an antimated movie?

Would some of your art better sell if put on a T-shirt.

How about going to a thriftshop and picking up some wooden boxes or something and paint on them and try and sell that way.

How about taking some of your cards to a shop in town to sell them?

Just a few ideas. If something doesn't work one way try another.

Have a Merry Blessed Christmas and A Happy Blessed New Year!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Flassie. You always have such great ideas. I was thinking of doing some wooden boxes. In fact, they have boxes for SoulCollage cards and I was thinking of painting some for that. The canvas bags would probably work for that, too. xoxxox

Tinker said...

Lisa, your art is beautiful - and it's so hard to tell what will sell or when - try not to judge your art and talent by that measuring stick. This Christmas season is a tough one - many people are just not buying much - I know we're having to watch pennies this year ourselves.
I'm looking forward to hearing more about your soul collage workshops. Sending you many, many ((hugs))

Patricia J. Mosca said...

Doesn't that feel better?!?!
Take your time...things will happen.