Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Thank you, everyone, for your support and kindness. It is really appreciated.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I feel I've been given the gift of time on top of all the other gifts. Suddenly, I've been gifted with all of these extra hours. I will never take time for granted again.

I spent the day yesterday intermixing work and play. I would do a home thing, like mop and then a SoulCollage® thing, like working on my new blog.

I went to the laundromat and walked around the Village. I am so blessed to live here. I appreciate it every day.

After visiting Too Many Books I felt nudged to walk to the Lifestream Center. It's a sacred space that I love to enter. It's quiet and peaceful and filled with all the books I'd love to buy.

She has a couple of my Gratitude Beads there to sell and we chatted about that as I paid for some books.

I mentioned the SoulCollage® Facilitation to her and she immediately asked if I wanted to do a workshop so we have scheduled one for January 26, 2008.

I am in heaven.

On top of all of that, I actually finished an art project yesterday. When I can get a good picture of it, I'll show you. It's going in etsy. It felt so good to take my time and just enjoy the process of making art.

Dream big! It works. Do it.


Angela said...

It's great to read of the joy you're experiencing in your life. Thanks for sharing it.

Kate said...

Wow Lisa, a workshop planned already, did you ever doubt this was what you are supposed to do?
I am so happy for you.