Monday, October 22, 2007

Chakras, Frogs and Intuition

This is the card I made while attending the SoulCollage®Facilitator Training Retreat.

The night before, we did a meditation exercise that lead us on a journey through our chakras. We were asked to meditate on our 2nd chakra, the one just below the navel; the seat of creativity, ancestors and new birth.

We were to see which animal companion appeared to accompany us as we concentrated on this chakra.

I had a frog.

I was disappointed, feeling that I conjured it completely from my logical mind-being Groggyfroggy and all-and I had chosen a frog sticker for my name tag earlier that day.

I started to dismiss it, even telling my cabin mates later that night that I was dismissing it.

But, the thought would not dismiss me. As I sat down to make a card, this guy insisted on being a part of it. A cabin mate brought me the gorgeous frog that is in the center. The generosity of those attending the retreat will always be with me.

When we did readings from our new cards, I was amazed at all this frog had to say to me.

I went, after all, to learn to focus on one thing in my journey to express my delight in the Creator and all the gifts so generously given.

Maybe SoulCollage® will be THE thing on which I can place my focus.

But, "NO" says frog. Frog says, "You don't need to focus on one thing. I want you to hop from activity to activity. Use your gifts. Your focus is not on the vehicle. Your focus, your purpose is the LIGHT! All your gifts will be used to take the Light into the world."

So, I am happily spending my days hopping from activity to activity; painting, collaging, sewing, blogging, reading, meditating. My life is full and I am blissfully happy. I must trust that the Light will shine.

As I was trying to come up with a business name, I decided that perhaps I should just stick with Groggyfroggy, as I use it in so many places (here, etsy, flickr, etc) and it is already known so I decided to do some research on frogs to see if any spiritual connections existed. Boy, do they!

I had no idea that frogs represented transformation and resurrection; just like butterflies.

There was an Egyptian goddess, Hequet, who wore the headdress of a frog and appeared in the court of Osiris.

Frogs represent creativity.

I knew none of this when I saw the frog as my second chakra (seat of creativity and new birth) animal companion.

Our intuition is amazing.

I am so pleased that it revealed itself.

I am so glad that I chose Groggy Froggy as my blog name way back when. I am happy to be surrounded by frog images that you have chosen to send to me as gifts. They're all over the apartment, and while they remain a constant reminder of your friendships, they will now carry the extra reminder of listening to my intuition and being mindful of the transformative power of creativity.

To see today's SoulCollage® card reading one of the cards being my 2nd chakra card, go Here.

My Love to you all today and every day.


Gemma said...

You have known all along that the frog resonnated inside. Isn't it funny how things work..listening to intuition is the key!!

KaiBlueCreations said...

Frogs are essential and beautiful little creatures..
Your intuition is telling you you're the same :)
PEace, Kai xx

violette said...

Congratulations on getting your facilitators certificate Lisa!

I love this card. I think the frog is obviously YOU......I used to create a line of frog greeting cards.....they made me smile. The symbolism of the frog -luck, joy and transformation are perfect for you!

Love, violette