Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Spiral Turn

Ahhhhh. I finally got to do some art today. Paper, glue, paint and glitter...the makings of a great morning.

Even though I was craving to create, I didn't really have anything particular in mind that I wanted to do.

Rather than fret all morning, I just grabbed a thin piece of cardboard I had and started gluing images.

The first piece that came to mind to glue down was green, so I decided to just let that be my guide. I glued down green images from wherever I happened to find them.

When I was all finished, I left it for a while. I picked up a magazine that I got from Lifestreams and let it guide me as to finishing the collage.

I kept finding the nautilus and wanting to use it. I picked it up and put it back a bunch of times. It was white and just didn't look good on the collage.

Then I saw my horoscope in the back of the magazine:
You are coming around to some important beginnings this summer, forging ahead into new territory. Although advancement has been slow lately it has been sure, and you are about to enjoy the benefits of sticking to your task. After a period of soul-searching, you enter a new phase about mid-July, both with your creative presentation to others and in your sense of self. Your voice becomes more your own. On into August, commitment to a service orientation leads to its own hidden benefits, as you more fully recognize your sense of discipleship to the cosmos. September sees active partnership participation in your life that, rather than letting your own uniqueness languish, brings it to the fore. Your round-about progress trends upward on the mountain of your destiny as you complete another spiral turn in your intentional ascent.

I have to tell you that I never pay attention to horoscopes but this one caught my attention.

I immediately knew that the nautilus must be a part of the collage so I just painted it to match. :)

I have been captivated by spirals lately. I work at the Customer Service Desk and there is a painting there with spirals all through it, even though it is not a particularly spiritual painting. I often find myself looking at it.

I just traded art with Hillbilly Artist. I sent her some gratitude beads that she liked and she sent me a painting called Looking Up. It has tons of tiny spirals.

I also notice now, looking at my collage, that the background pictures I chose have a spiral quality to them...the crocheted blanket, the wreath, the winding road.

I love syncronicity.

Life is wonderful!!

Intend Great Things, my friends. You will have them, be them and do them.

I love you.


Gemma said...

The spiral is present everywhere in nature. Love the natulis too.
Sending love for a beautiful weekend.

JoyceAnn said...

Great collage , Lisa. So happy you are back to your art and blogging.

~~~ Happy Hugs ~~~

izabella said...

Oh what a wonderful story you tell with this art piece~

so happy to hear you finally made time to create, I can soooo relate :) I feel somewhat lifeless if I am not creating~

till next time my sweet friend
xo ~Bella

tinker said...

The collage is lovely, Lisa - I'm so glad you were able to have some art time - and found nature's spiral labyrinth as well. xo