Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Checking In

Hi Everyone. Just checking in so that you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.

I haven't been making any art but hopefully soon I will begin again.

We Glitter Sisters have lost our dear sister Daisy, at least from this physical world. She has left us with many wonderful memories and lots of beautiful art and words. Her stories linger. Her caring lingers. And we are all moved to tell each other here and now how much we love each other and how important we are in one another's lives.

There was something I wanted to say to Daisy and I put it off for another day when I wouldn't be so busy. Now she is gone and I can only hope that she knows my heart now and how much I appreciated her.

Even in her passing, Daisy has left us with a lesson.

I love you, my blog friends.


Kai said...

Aloha Lisa..
Im glad you are creating in your little corner of the world.. :)
You are missed and loved.. Have a glorious day!!
PEace, Kai xxx

Janet said...

Your words are much the same as mine right now....I had so many things going on recently that I didn't always get around to visit as much as I would like. I only hope Daisy knew that it wasn't for lack of caring.

Love and hugs to you.

Deb said...

Stopping by to say 'hello' and hope all is well with you.

Gemma said...

We love you too Froggy
Looking forward when you can post more often....we miss you!

Me said...

I am very sorry.

Anonymous said...

Daisy will be missed. What a thoughtful message this is Froggy.
We all care about you too!!! :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

You are loved and cherished and definitely missed! I can't say that enough!
I hope all is going well my sweet friend!!
Love and hugs,

Dotee said...

Very thoughtful of you to write this post dear Lisa. I have been thinking of you a lot since receiving your long email. Will reply to it soon (I promise).

Daisy touched many people with her special heart. And I am sure she knew in her heart how much you appreciated her.

Much love

Dot xx

judie said...

Missing you lots, Mz. Froggygirl.

Pam Aries said...

Bon jour..Lisa Froggy! I am so glad to see you back! My thoughts are with you all the time..I am always in touch with Lisa Oceandreamer by phone.. I hope you are doing well ! I miss your posts, girlie!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Heartfelt sympathy to you and your glitter sisters for your profound loss. I am deeply sorry... I'm sure she knew your loving hearts.

Tinker said...

So many of us learned so much from her in such a short time - and yes you're right, even now she's still continuing to give us one last lesson...
I'm so glad you're on the planet and in this blogging world, Lisa. Love and hugs to you - today and everyday.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Frogster! Welcome back. Art? Oh yeah, art! I forgot about that art stuff. I was gettin kinda busy myself.
Daisy is a beautiful soul who taught me a few lessons in the short time I knew her. She will be missed by many you are so right.
Much love to you today and always Groggers.

Lee-ann said...

Lisa, I am so very sure Daisy can now see in all our hearts and will see the love we not only have for family but for ALL our blogger friends, I too wish I had said more, but I am so very glad to have had the moments I did.

love to you dear friend Lee-ann

Cheryl Finley: said...

I am so touched by this, Lisa. Love lives on and always will..."the heart will go one" as the song from Titanic reminds us. I have no doubt that Daisy knows how you felt, and feel. What made Daisy, "Daisy"...still exists and always will. When you're thinking of her...she's thinking of you and it's at that moment you can communicate heart-to-heart.
Blessings to you my friend..and all those who were blessed by Daisy.

judie said...


mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Lisa, a very moving tribute to a lady who was loved and cherished.
Important we link & stay connected.
Hugs from over the pond!


Kai said...

just seeing that youre ok..
miss you xx
Peace, Kai