Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guerilla Frogs

Look what came for me yesterday! The very special, wonderful, peaceful Mz Kai sent me these great things out of the (Kai)Blue! There is also the cutest little froggy soap. He is sitting by the birdhouse with the dragonfly on it, having big dreams of lunch on a shelf in my bathroom.

Thank you so much Kai. I had so much fun opening and I kept giggling at how it was wrapped in layers. A very good job, I might add. The soap doesn't have a mark on it anywhere. It's perfect.

The ATC is so beautiful and I love the way it opens and everything it says. I have it on the bar in the kitchen so I can look at it when I wash dishes...or, ok..I spend more time dancing in the kitchen than washing dishes and I sat it beside the cd player. It's really special and makes my heart happy.

I am so blessed to have you wonderful friends and glitter sisters in my life.

I have no art to post. I made gratitude beads yesterday. This is the fourth or fifth time I restrung this particular set. I just can't get them to feel right. I need to go bead shopping again. (Such a hardship lol). As soon as I get them right, I'll show them here. I was going to list them on Etsy but I think I may send them to our dear Claire.

For those who don't know, one of our glitter sisters, Claire, has had a stroke and is in the hospital recuperating. She is making progress and we know that she will make a full recovery and be her bubbling, high-spirited self again very soon. We're sending lots and lots of healing energy and love Claire's way.

Lots of love to all of you.

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Anonymous said...

Froggy, it's wonderful that you shared these with us! It's sooo great to get things in the mail. :)
I think that all of the Glitter Sisters are blessed to have eachother in their lives. :) I do hope that Claire get's better soon. That's a sad, sad situation.