Wednesday, April 04, 2007


folk angel
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Have you ever been too happy? Ever get your energy vibrating too high? I think I did. lol I couldn't sleep last night. I was tired, too. I had mowed and some other stuff. I went to bed before the boys did. I woke up thinking it must be almost time for the alarm to go off and it was midnight. I tried to go back to sleep but my mind was going on and on with so many wonderful things that I couldn't. So I decided to get up and paint. What? Isn't that what everyone does when they can't sleep? I bet a lot of you do. :)

First I went and cleaned up my desk so that I could actually close the rolltop portion. I think took all the paints out of the drawer and put them in a plastic container I had. Now they are portable. I carried everything into my bedroom where I didn't have to worry about being noisy. I drank Jasmine tea (no sugar and it was yummy!), played my favorite "aura" music and painted with glee.

I don't want to go into it too much but I have been spending a lot of time meditating, praying...whatever you like to call it...over the past little bit. You know how it feels when you're sooooooo in love and your heart gets that weirdly sick feeling when you think of that certain someone. That is how I am feeling almost nonstop. It's amazing. The Author of the Universe is amazing. And the love is always there just waiting for us to tap into it.

So, I started painting without too much thought as to what I would paint. I wanted to do something that wasn't quite so "soul searching". These two paintings appeared. I felt like someone else was painting it just using my hand to hold the brush. I immediately decided that I am taking these to the "Art on a Mission" gallery to let them sell them on consignment. They keep 40% and the proceeds go to the Rescue Mission. It feels so right. ballet dreams

I received a wonderful coloring book Let Silly In from the wonderful Violette! It was the consolation prize as my name got stuck to the winner in her One World One HeART giveaway. lol Well, let me tell you. I am way consoled!!! Thank you Violette. Perfect timing for all the images and good vibes it contains.

I hope everyone is having or has had a wonderful day. Send someone a thought of love as you pass them today. It's just amazing the power in that.


Naturegirl said...

What an uplifting post! How can we NOT feel happy after seeing your colorful images!The colors of Spring!
Perhaps your body is tuning into all the ~New Beginnings~that happen this time of year!You are in tune with your universe! Fill up with that Happy feeling! :)NG

Angela said...

I'm always happy, tooo happy sometimes. LOLOLOL Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Anyhoo, this post was great! Your colorful work adds to it and makes it remarkable in my oppinion! YOU GO! :)

Terri /Tinker said...

There's no better way to be kept awake than because you're feeling SO happy! And painting in the middle of the night is strangely when I enjoy it the most.

Your paintings are so vibrant and joyful - and what wonderful way to send them out into the world, to create more happiness for others. Wishing you another bright and happy day, Lisa. xo

Pam Aries said...

Oooh..Girl1 you got those vibes going!!! Love the paintings! Love your HaPpInEsS!!!! Wheeee! spread the love.... babeeee!

judie said...

Wonderful, inspiring post Mz. Froggy. You hold on to those spiritual love feelings..there is not enuff of it in the world.....UGOGIRL!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I relish this happiness it resonates with all things right and good. as you are. The happiness you feel, the love you embrace is evident in the liveliness of your nocturnal paintings. It is like a bright light is on inside you - I will bask in its glow.

miss*R said...

I think that is probably the best way to create anything - without thinking or worrying about it..
I think what you had before you went to bed was an adrenalin rush (that is how I feel all the time - ha!)
good for you with meditating! it is so good for your soul and it sounds like you certainly tapped into the universes love - if only everyone could do that *sigh* what a world it would be!

Gemma said... can tell that your energy was vibrating at a high frequency....really cool!
you rock!!

Dotee said...

I am SO happy to reach these posts and the see how your heart is expanding.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. On exactly the right path. Your happiness is such a beautiful thing!