Monday, April 30, 2007


I walked this labyrinth this morning. I had never walked a labyrinth before and found it very enjoyable and fulfilling. It doesn't hurt that it was in an absolutely beautiful and peaceful place that felt far away from Roanoke.

The idea is that you ask a question or think about a situation and when you get to the center, you may or may not receive some sort of answer or guidance which you can then ruminate upon while you walk back out.

I think my answers were within the labyrinth itself. There is a trust placed in those who build the labyrinth and in those who have gone before you that this meandering path really will lead you to the center. You can't necessarily see how you are going to get there but if you just continue to follow the path before you, you will find yourself suddenly at the center. The same is true in following it back out. Of course you could always just step over the the paths and get there faster but then it wouldn't be the beautiful, meditative journey it is meant to be.

I have been trying (as I always do) to step outside the bounds and "get there." I want to know right now how my life is supposed to go. The truth is, it doesn't work that way and I probably wouldn't really want it to anyway. Jack Canfield speaks of driving at night, able to see only 200 feet ahead, yet you can make it so far that way. Faith comes in knowing that the next 200 feet will be shown to us. Martin Luther King said that we don't have to see the whole staircase. We only need to start walking the stairs. And a very wise man with whom I have lived for the past 6 or so years said "Just do the right thing today."

That's it. Just do the right thing today. Trust that the rest will be revealed by the Creator and that the gifts that are needed will be given.

One of the questions I asked as I approached the labyrinth was "How may I serve?" Well, I didn't really get a different answer than the one I already have. The moments to serve present themselves throughout the day. Sometimes I catch them and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I am too caught up in being spiritual to listen to the Spirit.

I am grateful for this wonderful gift given to me this morning.

Then another gift..a good friend called and I could listen to her beautiful, happy children in the background, "mommy color, mommy sing, mommy I want ice cream." I laughed so much and then thanked God for teenagers. :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! I am sure the walking a labyrinth is a wonderful experience. labyrinth's remind me of life because as you walk in a labyrinth. You go day by day through life. What a wonderful peaceful place this looks like. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Me said...

new experiences...

a good, good thing

Tinker said...

This is a beautiful post, Lisa. I wish we had a labyrinth near us - after seeing Violette's post about building one on the beach, I've been pondering 'building' one of my own - though how I'd get through all the bracken and thorn I don't know - but maybe that's a journey in and of itself.

This post felt so peaceful and meditative. Thanks forsharing some of your journey with us. xo

Sue said...

Oh Lisa....we're working in tandem! lol. I love them...very meditative and because they twist and turn they can't be rushed. Time to slow down and give ourselves permission to go slower for a change. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience. The one we visited is believed to be the smallest in the world. :o)
Sue x

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I have walked one in a place apart, a place of peace. It is so deeply contemplative and centering. I long to be there again... great, thoughtful, post!

izabella said...

ah jeez Lisa this is good! deep! wow...I needed to read this today~
thanx for sharing your beautiful writings~ you inspire so many!

xo ~Bella

smilnsigh said...

I've never had the joy of seeing a real labyrinth of any sort. Lucky you to have this lovely one, near enough.

Seems the most I've even seen on tv, are the high-hedge-type labyrinth. I think they're called by the same name.... Anyway, you can't see where you are at or where you are going or how to get out. Mmmmm... This does not give me a calm feeling.

Plus, they are used so many time,in scary mysteries that I'm turned off by the high-hedge-type.

But this one is lovely.

"mommy color, mommy sing, mommy I want ice cream." I laughed so much and then thanked God for teenagers. :)"

-smile- Ahhhhh yes! The joys of little ones. Ahhh yes! It's nice that they grow too! -smile-