Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Awards---A little bit of blogger love. :)

I was honored by Lisa Oceandreamer with this Thinking Blogger Award. I can't tell you how much the award means to me and even more how much her kind comments mean to me. Be sure to follow the links back and see all the different folks who have been honored. Lisa also gave us Bright Light awards and I love that so much. She is such a bright light and I am so happy to have crossed paths with her. She is my dear friend and glitter sister.

Now, part and parcel of getting this awesome award is to pass it on to five other bloggers. Whew. It is not an easy thing narrowing it down to 5. I read quality blogs! All my friends are thinkers and always give me something to gnaw on intellectually, spiritually or emotionally. But choose I must, so here goes:

Me has a wonderful blog called Those Northern Skies. Going to her blog is always an exercise in fitting in new ways of thinking of things. She has a wonderfully unique perspective on many things and is very good at expressing those perspectives through her beautifully moving photographs and her poetic words. I always come away from her blog thinking about something a little differently and that is one of my favorite things.

never fails to make me look at art and play through new eyes. She welcomes silly and is never willing to settle for boring. She has changed the way I see, not only the world, but myself. I don't take myself quite so seriously and consequently am a bit more willing to put myself out there, knowing all will be ok. I am really grateful to her for that. Not to mention, it just makes me happy to look at her art.

Izabella's blog causes me to be introspective. I love her art. There is something very sacred about it. It always stops me in my tracks. I think she exposes her soul through her art and I applaud her bravery in being so raw. I am so happy that I found her blog, her art and, well, her.

Dotee is one of the dearest people I know or have ever known. I remember reading her entire blog and sobbing and laughing and finding myself with a renewed sense of the gift of giving. For Dot, there is nothing more wonderful and rewarding than creating art to give away. She puts her heart and soul (and wonderful creative talent) into every piece she makes for her friends. And she has many friends because she is a true light in this world. In fact, I would also like to pass on to her the

Angela is so enthusiastic and so prolific in her art that she always inspires me when I visit her blog. She, as I, have found art to be a healer and boy do we like to be healed. :) Excitement about what we do is so infectious and I catch the creativity bug every time I visit Angela's blog! She is also very supportive of other artists and I love that about her so much. Life is too wonderful and full of goodness to hold back our support and enthusiasm. We all have so much for which to be grateful and happy.

There. Whew! Five. I love so many, many blogs and bloggers. Reading blogs counters, for me, the negative things that the naysayers push on us about the state of the world today and how noone thinks for themselves. Sure they do. They're just all inside blogging. LOL There are some awesome thinkers and sharers and lightbearers in this world and I am SO grateful to know so many of them.

Much love to all of you.

I almost forgot. The "catch" for getting this wonderful award is that1. you need to pass it on. Choose 5 bloggers and link to them. 2.Link back to the blog that nominated you so folks can trace it back to its origins if they want and 3.put the handsome award in the sidelines of your blog.


Anonymous said...

I got one of these too, it's my first ever blogging award and I got excessively excited, and then for some reason only known to my brain developed angst that I wasn't 'deep' enough to merit such an award - I'm sure Freud would identify this as some kind of inner argument between my ID and my Superego, ha. LOLASS (Laughing out loud at silly self).

You deserve the award my friend :) Hugs.

Kai said...

It's a lovely and cherished thought behind any award, it means people care enough to nominate and give to the very best, and you are more deserving then most!! Congradulations on a deserved recognition..
PEace n hugs, Kai.

Pam Aries said...

Lisa..this is so wonderful! I love linking up t ocool new blogs! amnd you are SO on te mark with Violette's blog! Without her thoughts..I would not even be here in blogworld! love ya! pammmmmieeeeeee

Izabella said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe what you just wrote! and I can't believe you picked me...I had to read it a couple times to see if that was really me, you were talking about!

I am so honored, I am so shocked, I am so gosh, speechless really~

you have no idea how special this is to me~ how kind you are~

I need to go have a cup of tea to think about this~

thank you my sweet friend~

xo ~Izabella

Isabelle said...

Congratulations on the award. What a beautiful sentiment!

Me said...


I liked your comment to Sarah about preferring to be awakened at one by a teenaged son... ;)

Isabelle said...

Me again ;)
It really warmed my heart to read all those words and the depth of feeling, going to and from your blog, Lisa. Thank you :)

BlueJude said...

Congrats!! You deserve it!!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Hello Soul Collaging put me to shame. I have to start mine. Tonight! Tonight I say!
Congrats on your award. Seeing as it is tough to choose only 5, it is nice to travel blogland and see that all my favorites are eventually getting to receive this award. You deserve it! xo

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you sooo much! I am truely honored! *Blushes* Thanks!
Congradulations! I'm sooo glad that feel that way about my blog. No words can express what that means to me. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!

violette said...

Wow Thank you so much usual your kindness and thoughtfulness have blown me away.

You deserve the award are so thoughtful and caring in so very many ways!

Again...thanks for nominating me!


Gemma said...

Well deserved froggyhead!!!!
You Rock!

Dotee said...

You are SUCH a sweeheart Lisa! Am so pleased you were nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award.

You deserve it my dear!

Will be sure to check out the blogs you have given awards too.

And was in tears after reading your words about me. You mean so much to me xoxoxo. Thankyou so much!!