Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This may be the dumbest thing you've ever seen. LOL It is, for sure, evidence that I am NOT a videographer. I guess that third thing (talking, shaking AND video-ing) put my brain over its limit.

Hopefully you could understand me and my little 'ol WV accent. If not I said TINKER!!!!

Whooooooop!! Yep, Yep. Too bad you were looking at the table while I drew it. ROFL

Thanks everyone who participated. This has been such a fun thing. Thank you Lisa Oceandreamer for organizing it all and for having such a big heart. You ROCK!

XOXOXOX Hugs and Kisses to everyone! (by the way...all you people who told me not to enter your name...I did it sue me).


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Congrats to Tinker!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Congratulations to Tink!! and what a clever duck you are to show a video, well ok, part of one. LOL!
now I want to know how you did it?

This was so much fun!

tinker said...

Thank you!!! Oh my gosh, Lisa - this is almost unbelievable synchronicity - I just have to tell you, what happened - I'm taking a break from working, and I had just prayed for guidance for the "next right thing" to do - and even though I had told myself "No blogging till all the work's done," but I was allowing myself to check e-mails and comment entries - when I sat down at the computer, I checked my e-mails, then without even thinking about it, I clicked on my bookmarks, and just clicked on your name! I realized what I did, and was laughing at myself for managing to break my own rules and blog anyway, THEN I saw my name! So I guess it was the 'next right thing' to do - even if it did break the rules, lol.
Thank you, Lisa! I'm so excited!
The video is so fun - I loved getting to hear you call my name! xoxo

Emma said...

How cute are you?? And that accent? So sweet. Nothing like the Aussie drawl I am used to!


turquoise cro said...

Yayyyyyy! Tinker! Boy, I think my accent is much more twangier than yours! hmmmmmm maybe I'd better move! LOL This was a GREAT idea though! Happy week-end! xoCinda

Dotee said...

Congratulations to Tinker! And congratulations for doing a little video of the draw - you are clever!
Such a novel idea.

Lovely to hear your voice too :)

Isabelle said...

How fun! It's lovely to hear your voice, Lisa :) Congrats to Tinker :)

Anonymous said...

How cool to hear your voice. Kisses.