Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Challenge

Saturday Challenge
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I did this journal page (my first journal page like this) for a challenge on a Flickr group. I really enjoyed it and will probably do a lot more of it. If you click on it you can actually read it if you want.

The challenge was to make squares of a few paper pieces from the day. I forgot that I was going to include some junkmail that came. I did cut up the receipt from Food Lion and Blockbuster, including where the date was shown.

This pretty much sums up my day. It was a slow, steady Saturday. I watched some Sci-fi and worked on Laneia's book. It's coming along nicely. The backgrounds are pretty and I'm almost afraid to do anything else to them. lol

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


judie said...

Mz Frog, you are getting more and more talented every day! Your journal page is very interesting. I need to do one in my art journal like that. I see I am not the only one thinking "spring". :)

Terri /Tinker said...

Fun idea, Lisa! love the colors, too.

melba said...

I am sooo excited that you want to come to justBe...connected
Registration is open now. I haven't really thought about the date to close registration...probably sometime in September. I guess I should think about it!
email me if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

I love it, it is so colorful.