Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Babyshoe Makedo

Babyshoe Makedo
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I decided to make the baby shoes useful. People comment that they like them, but I think they have a hard time figuring out what to do with them. I turned this one into a pincushion. The base of the pincushion is a bottle cap covered in felt and the heart is sewn right in. Then I hot glued the whole thing to the inside of the shoe. I stamped "Love" on some muslin and stitched that on and there's a little flower vintage button sewn on with green thread.

The box behind it is just there for a more interesting picture. I organized my area the other day and put all these little odds and ends in this box. When I opened the lid to find something yesterday, I thought it looked so pretty inside...all that lace and trim.

Today is date day. I may look at cameras today. Not sure.

Thanks for all your kind comments. I really do appreciate them.

Heather asked for a tutorial and I promise, Heather, I will do one eventually. I don't do anything complicated. Trust me!

Have a great day everyone!


Abbey of the Arts said...

What a creative idea Lisa, you certainly do some very fun projects!
Blessings to you, Christine

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool idea! Such a colorful little shoe :-)

Have a beautiful day!

deb said...

Lisa, I bought a very small white baby shoe at an antique store for a Christmas present for my daughter. It had been made into a pin cushion, too. It looks so old-timey and just perfect for her sewing table. Yours is colorful and very creative!

Anonymous said...

Oh joy, blogger let me comment :)

Your baby shoes are very pretty, what a great idea to make it into a pin cushion. My Mum has a little shoe on her wall, toes pointing down, with dried flowers coming out of the opening, it looks quite pretty.

Hope you're OK and that your date night goes beautifully. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

such a cute idea! I look forward to the tutorial!

Terri /Tinker said...

The painted baby shoe is so colorful and cute! Btw, I just read your post about Nick selling a painting on Etsy - congratulations to him.

Anonymous said...

Lisa! you are so talented and PROLIFIC!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable Lisa!

Anonymous said...

This pincushion is precious, you have the most wonderfully creative mind! Thanks for sharing your talents here.

Anonymous said...

that's such a groovie idea. Vibrant colours, pretty ..I think even I could do
You always have such a bright and friendly blog Lisa..
Have a bright and wonderful day..
PEace, kai

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! I think it would look great with some little flowers in it, or a delicate little plant. Just a thought. Now I want a pair! lol

Anonymous said...

Very creative, Lisa! I love it when pretty things are useful and vice versa. You have been very busy creating I see ~ everything looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely!! I got a kick out of reading all the comments twice over too. ;)

Anonymous said...

that's such a great idea Lisa,absolutely adorable.