Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Friends, death and a light-hearted meme for a little relief.

Thank you everyone who said you'd pray for Lisa and her mother. Lisa's mother is no longer with us here but is no doubt watching over her very dear daughter as her very own special guardian angel. I'm sure Lisa would appreciate remaining in your warm thoughts and prayers for some time to come.

I got a shocking email yesterday telling me that a friend's husband died Sunday night. They were visiting their daughter and he had a heart attack. My friend is in Stephen Ministry and is always reaching out to others. She is wickedly funny and profoundly kind all at the same time. I saw the two of them together just last Thursday and am in complete shock that I will never see them together again. I cannot fathom the pain that she is going through. I keep seeing her face in my mind and praying that God will bring her comfort. We all hope for a death that is sudden, yet, there seems no easy way for death to come. For family and loved ones, death brings pain and loss and the need for healing. I know my friend will be surrounded by people who love her. I pray it will take away some of the sting.

I was tagged by Tinker to do this *Six weird things about me* meme, so here goes:

1. I never remember my dreams. Every now and then I do but usually they're just normal everyday stuff.

2. Except last night. Last night I kept dreaming about Tinker and this meme and also about Sombra. I dreamed that he walked into a store and a girl with blond hair and big blue eyes (perhaps another blogger) was absolutely mesmerized by Sombra and kept trying to hold his gaze as he was just trying to get a cart and be polite. He wasn't interested and was a little uncomfortable.

3. I love to read but if a writer puts something in parentheses, my mind interprets that as "skip. don't read." I often have to go back at the end of a paragraph to read the things that were in parentheses as they turned out to be somewhat important.

4. I forget to be mad. Sometimes someone makes me angry with something they say and I think I'll tell them a thing or two next time I see them and then I see them and go on with my day, only later remembering that I was mad and missed my opportunity because now it would be really lame to bring it up.

5. I hate to be shushed. HATE. IT.

6. I should never have let Tim know that I hate being shushed because now his favorite thing is to go "Lisa? Shh." Did I mention I hate that?


Anonymous said...

I remember when I got the email that a good friends child had been struck by an automobile and had died. It still haunts me at strange times and it well over a year since it happened.

I remember telly Tim and his response was "your kidding." No, I am not.

The biggest gift is to let the talk or let the be silent but to be there with them in silence or talk.

Anonymous said...

My prayers will still be with Lisa.

I'm so sorry to hear the shocking news about your friend's husband, how sad, I'm glad that she will have friends and family around her to comfort her.

You know, I am so tempted to do the 'sh' joke but Tim got there first...hehehe. Hubby never remembers his dreams, I do, I had strange one the other day, but it has faded in my memory.

I forget to be mad too. If I don't rant immediately it fades and I forget about it. I don't often hold a grudge.

And I am the queen of parentheses and semi-colons (as well as long comments;) ); in fact I use them indescriminately and have parentheses inside parentheses :) I have no control over my punctuation.


Anonymous said...

I was just about to email you to see if you were ok. However, this explains your quietness here on your blog. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones just recently - so sad.
I often wonder why so many 'things' happen in November & December - I lost my first husband at the end of November & his mother and father both died in Decembers of different years. and on and on it goes, maybe it is why I am slightly (ha!) demented at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your friend's loss. The holidays are an especially difficult time to lose someone. I'm continuing to keep Lisa OceanDreamer in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for playing along - I know it must have been difficult when you're feeling sad.
I hope I wasn't being too weird in your dream! I don't think I was the one staring at Sombra, as I haven't read his blog before...lol


Amy said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Lisa and your friend. I'll be saying a prayer for them both.

I'm the complete opposite with dreams. I have these super realistic, vivid dreams that still feel real after I wake up. Sometimes that's a blessing, and sometimes it's a curse. My Opa passed away last Movember and about a week before the anniversary of his death I had a vivid dream . Well, vivid doesn't seem like enough - it was very real to me. I could *feel* his hand patting mine, his wiskers when he kissed my cheek. I could even smell the aftershave. It took me a couple hours after I woke-up to remember again that he was gone, and then I needed to grieve all over again.

Amy said...

BTW - I do know how to spell, lol! Sheesh, I better go to bed :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

I was just about to email to see if you were ok.

Am keeping Lisa oceadreamer closely in my heart and praying for every day.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend's husband having a heart attack. Very, very sad. And even harder at this time of year. Your love and support will help her. And I know your special heart will provide comfort.

Found your meme interesting! Your dream about Sombra was fascinating.

I don't like to be shushed either!

Take care, look forward to speaking to you soon my friend :)


Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

So many bad things keep happening...I hate to hear that! I wondered where you were! My prayers are with you and your friend! ...As far as parentheses go AND dot dot dot......... I am the queen! I write like I talk!