Friday, November 24, 2006

Joy tags

Joy tags
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Clarice was so kind to make Thanksgiving printouts for us so I thought I would return the favor with a Christmas one. I had fun making this pink banner for my little pink and green area. My printer is out of colored ink at the moment and I have been too stingy to go get more. I will, though, because I think these pictures are too pretty to be printed in only black and white. This will do for now.

Isn't that little Santa cute? I found him at Goodwill and I thought he would be fun for the pink and green shelf.

Good Will To All Here's a closeup. Sorry it's blurry but you're probably used to that with me by now.

Here is the printout for the tags if anyone is interested. If you have problems with it, just email me or tell me in comments and I'll send you the attachment.

I'm going to JoAnne's...50% WAHOOOOO.
Joytag Click and it will take you to Flickr, then click on All sizes. That should give you the right one.


Hulda said...

Lovely JOY-tags you have made. I like the photos very much. And the gift from Debbie is adorable. Lovely little tags she has puted on each of the things. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. We are not celebrating it in Norway.

Daisy Lupin said...

I have just been catching up with your last couple of postings. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Love the joy tags. I think I may make some sort of banners to decorate with at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!!! The Santa is cute! I have been trying to put some decorations up tonight! It got warm again today!

Anonymous said...

They're pretty, I might just print them off, but right now hubby will be grumpy at me if I don't go up to bed (its 11.50 pm). Santa is cute too. TTFN

Anonymous said...

Did ya have fun at Joann's? Hope so!!

Anonymous said...

soooo, did you do well at JoAnns? Those joy tags are fab...doing a banner like that is a great idea!
I am not yet there in terms of holiday decor...I am hoping I will get mood inspiration from all of you...I am just starting my ornaments for the various swaps!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thanks for the tags, and for a view of how you attached them. I love your blue canning jars!

PennyBlue said...

Love the Joy tags and Happy Santa! Sounds like you'll score big at Joannes. Have to fill us in on your finds!

KaiBlue said...

those are groovy, I went to print them and my printer ran out of blue..(how that happens to and ocean phreak I dont but they came out a nice shade of red and I think they look kewl for kristmas. Im going with the flow..Falalala...lala..lala.. :)
Peace, Kai