Saturday, October 14, 2006

Newest doll

Newest doll
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I made this little sweetie last night. She's resting in the wreath above my desk. She's sort of like a shelf-sitter with her wings. The wings are made from jewelry wire covered in tracing paper and mod podge. I painted and glittered them and stitched them to her...actually I stitched her to them as I made the wings first. I painted her face. She has beads and baubles and an embroidered heart. I was reaching for more thread and accidentally pulled out a little felt star that I'd cut out for something long ago, so I decided to stitch that on to her as well. I do live in the Star City of the South, y'know.

I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from making these little dolls. I fell in love with this one right away.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine is great; laid back. I got a lot of tidying done yesterday. Fall always motivates me a bit with its cool air and bright sunshine. I feel like cooking again, too. Last night I made pork chops with plum and pear sauce. It was so yummy. I got it from Rebecca I followed a link to her site yesterday morning and just had to try the recipe. We really liked it.

I'm going to go look at your blogs now. Catch ya later. :)


DTclarinet said...

Hey Lisa, I came by to say hello. I like the spirit of your enjoyment in making dolls. It's creative and personal.

I also like the "glitter power sisters" graphic, with the shiney glitter flowing through it. Does it surprise you that I like glittering things?

Lisa said...

Hi David, thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy your blog and no it doesn't surprise me one bit. lol

One of my dear blog friends made that graphic. :)

Emma said...

Hi Lisa,

The dolls are really cute. I love how you've taken your collage and transformed them into a three dimensional art form. Good work!

The dinner sounds scrumptios too :)


Daisy Lupin said...

I love your dressing table, it is so unusual with that long deep mirror in the middle.

Amy said...

That's a sweet doll. I can totally relate to your comment about feeling like cooking again in the fall. I always feel the same way!

Lisa said...

Emma, thank you. :) oh it was!

Thanks Daisy. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture.

Amy, thanks! It's good to feel like cooking again, isn't it?

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

the thrill you get from art (whatever the medium) is something I can so relate to. It enriches us all to sit and create and then to share with others...enriches them as well. I love your newest quiltie and the art doll is adorable.