Monday, October 02, 2006

My first quiltie

My first quiltie
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I've been poring over quilties and textile arts and fiber arts. Some of you people and some who will never read this just absolutely amaze me.

Aside from just being blown away by the workmanship and the talent and skill and vision, I just love the pieces. They beg to be touched and looked at up close. One of my fondest desires is that I live long enough to some day produce a piece with that degree of perfection and beauty and skill.

In the meantime, I play! I have spent last evening and the better part of today sewing this little quiltie. It was really fun, like painting with fabric and thread. I'm not sure it's finished but if I add anything else it will be small.

Two of the things on it I got yesterday at Hancock Fabric. The birdie lace and the pearly trim were both 50% off. It was fun remembering I'd bought them and getting to add them to this.

It's just about 7.5" by 11". The piece with the girl on it was all there was. It's already quilted and everything but I wasn't happy with it so I stitched it to another piece and then quilted that. Remember, my machine knows one stitch --------------this one-------------so I got to do lots of turning back and forth and that was so much fun. I am easily entertained. LOL


Hulda said...

Your quilt is really special. I like the technics you have used. And the doll looks great. :O)

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

it's all about the joy you get from doing whatever it is. I think it's adorable!!! there are so many fabrics and trims and things out now that the sky is truly the limit. try transferring images to fabric too - or buying a good white cotton and paint dye it...I have packages of koolaid waiting to be tested as a type of dye. play, play, play and out comes art, art,art!

Miss Robyn said...

yep, with fabric - just play! I was a traditional patchworker, have been for 25 years but the past few years I have been going outside my comfort zone & I am so glad I did. I have made some amazing stuff - even if I do say so myself :) - of course the old way people would cringe - love your very first quiltie - stick it into your journal!

Daisy Lupin said...

Yes it is good fun to play around. My sewing machine does good stitches but what really annoys me is that its applique stitch is awful. The last sewing machine that in the end died of overuse was not as advanced as this machine but the applique stitch which I like to use was brilliant on it. grrrr! Your quiltie is great.

Anonymous said...

That's adorable, Lisa, and I'm in awe of YOUR sewing skills. Sewing is a major ordeal any time I undertake it - so for you to have the talent and skill to make this sweet quilted square and to enjoy -even LOVE doing it, is just awe-inspiring to me.
Go, Lisa!
(sorry you and your dh were slimed by someone else's judgmental and closeminded outlook - hugs to you both!)

Kitty Couture said...

That is adorable... Love it!! So unique!
Have a nice day, Lisa :)

homespun living said...

Lisa, the quiltie is wonderful and looks like it must be very fun to make. I have been busy catching up on all you wonderful projects ~ the dolls are adorable! Debbie

Anonymous said...

pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty...make more! If you made more you could sew them all together and make a beautiful wall hanging! I love wall hangings :o)

PennyBlue said...

LOVE THIS!! It has a great artsy, raw quality to it! Do more!! lol

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

I love this so much. I think it's on eof the nicest things you've done so far. It comes from the heart!

Lisa said...

Thanks Hulda!

Lisa, funny you should say that. I painted some muslin and some white felt for future use. I want to try some dyeing too. I'm dying to try transferring images and I saw one yesterday (by kai maybe) that I might be able to try right away with freezer paper and a printer...and I definitely want some more fun fabrics. lol

Robyn, hehe Oh well, to each her own, right? :)

Daisy, that would be frustrating! I have a machine in storage that does pretty good zig zag stitch. I used to use it for making those flags/banners that you hang outside your house (or at least a lot of people do in the, the South anyway lol).

Tinker, thanks for support. :) It's a bit of an ordeal for me too. At least every third time I thread the machine I get the bobbin in wrong. You made me feel good though. lol

Isabelle, thank you so much. Your sewing skills are so amazing and I love that so much of it is put to use for charity.

Deb, another amazing sew-er. Thank you so much.

Sarah, thanks. :) I plan to make more. That was fun.

Blue Jude, thanks! High praise. I wanted to be artsy. :)

PlainandSimple, thanks so very much.

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now. Thanks guys. :)

Melissa said...

Textiles are wonderful - so many possibilities - and this again another offering - that has tremendous sweetness...

J C said...

Wow Froggy. I haven't been here in a few days, and I am bowled over! You have done a lot. Your dolls are awesome. Your little quilts are beautiful and I wish I could do one. Have never even attempted. When my mother in law passed three years ago I got her sewing machine, and it still sits in the garage covered in plastic. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can thread a needle. But it takes lots of tries! That's why I don't sew much. I went to your Flickr page. Outta sight!!!

One Crabapple said...

And it is ADORABLE ! I love the colors

xo- S.

Lisa said...

Me, thank you :)

Judie, Thanks so much! Sometimes I have to work up the courage to start up the machine. lol

Hi One Crabapple, thanks so much and welcome to GroggyFroggy. :)

Julie H said...

Hi Lisa

I have just visited both of your blogs, I knew we would connect after you left comment about Kelly Rae's collage. Wow!!! I need to spend longer but I am so glad to have found your space on line. I love the way you think about our God, and your art is fabulous! So good to see someone who can marry their sometimes quirky art with a traditional faith.

OK, phew, must stop or I will write a book. I will be Back.


Lisa said...

Julie, I'm so tickled to see you here. Thank you for your very kind comments.

Anonymous said...

very cute quiltie! lesley riley is my fave quilt artist. she is amazing. she makes the little fragments. when I read her book that's all I wanted to make! YOu did an amazing job with this.

A bird in the hand said...

Sweet Froggy! Your quiltie is adorable, and I love the color combinations.


P.S. My machine has one one stitch too!

gma said...

So nice...very pretty

PennyBlue said...

Hey GF,
Go to my blog and check out FIVE THOUGHTS then consider yourself officially tagged!