Friday, September 29, 2006


I didn't get tagged for this but I'm doing it anyway. It's one of the more interesting memes I've seen. I've been working on something and I'll post a pic later. It's weird and I'm not sure how I feel about it and will welcome your input. For's my meme. :)

1. Are you happy/satisfied with your blogs content and look?

2.Does your family know about your blog?
They should. I talk blogging way too much. My stepdaughter and I found a tee shirt that I think of at least once a day. It said "nobody cares about your blog." LOL

3. Do you feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?
I like telling my friends about my blog because I feel they would know me better if they looked at it, but I try not to mention it too many times because I don't want to be too obnoxious.

4.Did blogging cause any positive changes in your thoughts?
Oh yes. I am much more willing to take a creative chance because of the supportive but honest blogging friends I've made. I realize how often I've neglected to do something because I thought it wasn't good enough. Blogging has helped me realize that when it comes to expressing yourself in artful ways, there is no such thing as "not good enough." While doing art is personal, chances are that if it comes from your heart it will touch someone else's heart.

5. Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or do you love to go discover more by yourself?
I LOVE discovering other blogs. I read many blogs of people who have no idea my blog exists. I learn so much from them. It's fun to do a google search on something you love and then type "blog" with it.

6.What does a visitor counter mean to you? Do you like having one on your blog?
I enjoy my visitor counter. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that people from so far away are reading my words. I love seeing where different people come from, how they got here and where they go afterwards.

7. Do you try to imagine your fellow bloggers or give them real pictures?
I am pleased to see that most people are pretty comfortable putting their pictures on. I like having a face to go with the name. If they don't have a picture I think I eventually construct an image of them in my head, yeah.
8. Admit it. Do you feel like there is a real benefit to blogging?
.I do. See #4. Aside from the personal benefit I see, I believe blogs are making an impact slowly but surely in the political realm. It is not as easy to call up a statistic when it doesn't match the number of bloggers and responders on any given issue. It's also not as easy to hide a piece of information in the back pages of the paper because there are bloggers out there who live for that and will flesh it out and put it in our faces. I think that's a benefit. I could go on. I guess I'm a big blogging advocate. lol

9. Do you think that blogger society is isolated from the real world or interaction with events?
Absolutely not. I think most bloggers approach blogging as a hobby or as others watch television. The blogger society is no more isolated from the real world than a religious society, a sewing guild or a group of guys that get together to watch the game every week.

10. Does criticism annoy you or do you think it's normal?
Of course criticism annoys me AND I think it's normal. Criticism has helped me grow. I take from it what I need to change something if I see their point. If I disagree with them, then I take it as a gift because it helped me confirm something for myself and I am that much stronger in my opinion.

11.Do you fear some political blogs and avoid them?
I don't fear political blogs but I find them mostly full of people who like to hear themselves talk or see themselves type. What is the point in listening to people's opinions on news that is purposely leaked and full of inaccurate information?

12. Were you shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
I was more shocked by the poor guy that got fired a while back because his boss discovered his blog (or coworkers discovered it and ratted him out). A number of people have been arrested in conjunction with their blogs so I'm not sure which incident this refers to, but sadly, it isn't that shocking to see people arrested for exercising free speech these days.

13.What do you think will happen to your blog after you die?
Hmmm, I wonder if heaven has wireless?

14. What song do you like to hear? What song would you like to link to your blog?
I don't want a song to link to my blog. I keep my speakers down so I don't have to hear the music on other people's blogs. lol I like to hear...hmmmm....gosh, song? singular? Ok, "Let's Stay Together" by Al Greene. It always makes me happy when that song comes on.

15. The next victims? :::rubbing hands together::: muahahahahha Elisabeth at Vintage Wine,
Lisa(Ocean Dreamer) and Hulda!


Amy said...

That was an interesting one for sure. I liked your answers.

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy.

Cherish the Home said...

What an interesting meme! And I don't know where I've been because I never knew people were arrested for blogging!

I actually LOLed at your answer to number 13! (o;

Lisa said...

lol Mrs. B. Well, ya never know. LOL

txdave said...

I like your blog for the photos and open spaces, very nice.

Since you see lots of blogs, I would be so grateful if you'd give me some comment/feedback.

My blogs have, I believe, a unique look, high color, large font format, and hopefully interesting reading plus great photos.

Please tell me what you think.

Vintage Wine said...

I`m short of time now but I`ll make sure to answer this in the morning! Thanks for tagging me ;-)

Lisa said...

Elisabeth, I look forward to seeing your blog in the morning. :)

Lisa said...

Hey Txdave, I was afraid you were spam and almost deleted you. :) I checked out a couple of your blogs and enjoyed them. I'll definitely look at the rest. I'm an ezine expert author too. hehe I need to get my little icon. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, do you think you won't be arrested for your blog? I know that yours is written in code and is a cover for your international operations! ;o) tee-hee

Liked this meme, was fun.

You know I've been to your blog a few times and thought it hadn't been updated in the last few days. But I've found out it's a bug in Firefox...tut I can never find a perfect browser.


Lisa said...

Sarah, you promised not to tell. ;)

You know, I just got Firefox a few days ago (so I could visit the blogs that IE wouldn't allow) and I've noticed that about having to refresh. My blog also looks very different on Firefox. I don't know where that green line comes from. lol