Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Wings collage
Originally uploaded by GroggyFroggy.

I did this collage a couple of days ago. Collaging is new to me and I just love it. Every spare moment (and some not-so-spare) is spent painting, gluing, ripping or searching for something to paint, glue or rip.

I bought a little plastic spirograph type set at the dollar store. I was trying out all the little wheels and that's what the glob i nthe middle is. My son even doodled some faces in the bottom right-hand corner and then for some reason I started painting over it. I's like the ones I said creeped me out. lol But now it doesn't. I can't explain that. wingsI am particularly loving the little one holding the flowers (flowers that I got from ArtbyChristi off Ebay). The wings are cut from this great ribbon I got in a grab bag at ACMoore.

This new passion for collage feels like a gift from heaven. I get so wrapped up in it that I lose track of time. I needed it. My life has been kind of yucky lately and I really think this has helped me keep my sanity and my heart. I am so very grateful. I guess we always get what we need when we need it if we're open to it and aren't always trying to figure out what we need ourselves.

At first I felt I was wasting too much of my art time because I couldn't think of a theme or something for so long but then I read some advice from a collage artist who said to just start ripping paper and putting it down and let it become what it wants to be. I've been doing that and it's amazing what just "happens."

I feel like a good little recycler too because I'm using up all the junk mail and everything! Everything, everything has CP (Collage Potential).

Have a great day everyone.


Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

good for you!! There is such healing through art that it amazes me. I have been lax lately and I feel it. Collaging is something I hadn't done in quite awhile and even then not to its fullest potential. Now, like you, I am loving all its possibilities. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Happy collaging Lisa!
Aren't spirographs fun? I don't think playing around with art is ever a waste of time - that's how we learn and grow, through experimenting (of course, if my house could talk, it might have a different opinion! "How about cleaning once in awhile? :)


gma said...

Nice work groggy froggy. I Love collages too. Its fun to add textures & things like string, beads, and all kinds of other elements too.

Miss Robyn said...

I love collaging! it is such fun - well done to you Lisa! love your first artwork! xo
oh and the best thing about collage? there is no right or wrong way - you just do it! have fun!

Kitty Couture said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling yucky lately... Great thing that your collage is making you forget your worries! *Hugs*

Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends. I think all of you are so awesome.

Suzie Ridler said...

You're inspiring me! I do art so rarely because I've had zero training therefore no self-confidence. I will try sometime soon. Thank you for this.

I'm part of the True Balance project BTW!

Lisa said...

Suzie, that makes me so happy! Yay.
I sneaked a little read of True Balance in Barnes yesterday while I'm waiting for it to get here. (I ordered a used copy from Barnes online) I'm so excited to read it!
Thanks for your comment!

J C said...

Miss Frog, your collage is really, really nice. I am awed by the made those wings out of ribbon? That's beautiful, and clever. Don't stop! Now, what is the True Balance Project?

Lisa said...

Hi Judie! The butterfly is a stamp that I painted. The ribbon wings are on the little cherub in the corner. There are two and they stick out from the page as if she's ready to take off. :) They're all shiny, pink and sparkly.

True Balance is a book by Sonia Choquette about balancing your chakras..(I know...what does a Christian know about chakras? LOL)...hey, if God gave me chakras, I wanna know how to balance them! It's supposed to be a common sense approach. There is a group of creative bloggers who are reading it and then comparing notes. If you go to, she has all the info and I'm sure she'd be thrilled if you joined in. I haven't received my book yet, others have already read the first chapter.