Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good morning

Since I'm making your bloglines update, I may as well write something. I've started getting a lot of spam. I don't want to go to word verification yet so I'm just switching to no anonymous comments. I don't really get anonymous ones anyway so it shouldn't make much difference. Hopefully this will do away with those annoying "hello, i didn't quite find what i was looking for" comments. I wonder who it is that clicks on those...someone must, right?

I didn't get much done yesterday. I had a house full of teenagers...a few besides ours. There was lots of laughing and goofing off and man, can they wolf down the food. They played guitar and sang and played video games and arm wrestled and made me laugh too loudly. :)

Nick helped me yesterday and I was finally able to listen to a podcast from
Craft Sanity. If you ever get a chance to listen to that, I recommend it. I was particularly interested in hearing Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cosy. It's a great blog and a very interesting interview. Alicia is great about sharing what worked for her in getting her craft business going. She's really creative and everything she touches turns into something beautiful.

I listened to part of an inteview with
Leah Kramer at Craftster which is the place that got me started down this whole craft road. I was doing research for an article and just happened to hit on Craftster which led me to craft blogs and it has changed my life in significant ways. I am so much happier now. Crafting just fills up some place in my heart and head. I am so grateful to have found the craft blog community (and flickr..oh my..I'm a flickr addict these days).

It was when I taught myself knitting and crochet (thanks to a few wonderful websites) that I was able to stop smoking! Yay! It was 7 months ago yesterday that I have been without even so much as a drag off of a cigarette. I cannot even tell you how my life has improved because of that but I can sing so much better, walk without getting winded, go out without wondering if my hair stinks or my clothes, I'm saving money and I'm not embarrassed. I was very embarrassed about smoking. I only started a few years ago and it just wasn't me. The best thing about not smoking....Tim quit. He had smoked since he was 15...he's 53 now and he's not smoked for several months now. I'm so proud of him! I know it was a lot harder for him than for me. He still wants a cigarette every day. I don't.

Hmmm what other personal goodies can I disclose? lol I guess that's about it. Today is date day. I wasn't sure we'd go. Tim hurt his back lifting some patients this past weekend. But he says that he can endure pain for food. Yeah. My kind of guy. I'm hoping to get some more baby shoes to paint. Emily painted a pair. I need to get those pics up for you to see. She did a great job.

I ruined one pair. They were cute but not quite right and I tried to sand off the paint and repaint them...this does not work. I'm determined that the paint will come off one way or another but I will say, I feel good that the paint stays on so well. Even without the sealant on them, that paint was there to stay!

Well, I can't believe you read this whole thing. I appreciate it and I'll try to do a real post with pictures later. :)

Have a good day. You know... I feel like I have that group of girlfriends I always wished for but could never find. You're such a supportive group of ladies and there's never any cattiness (is that correctly spelled? Never wrote that before. lol Catty ness?). I hope you know how much I enjoy this blogging relationship we've formed.

Ok...getting sappy now. See ya later.


plainandsimple said...

Yup, you get rid of the "y" and put in an "i"! Although, I'm the absolute pits at (what we call in the English teaching trade) SPG (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammer). I'm more of a John Dos Passos go-with-the-flow kind of gel.

Yes, I feel that same way about having established a nice group of girlfriends - blogging is a blessing!

RANDI said...

I know what you mean about loving craft blogs--they are so inspiring! I will admit that I have to be very careful about homw much time I spend checking them out though!

Congrats on kicking cigarettes--that is such a hard habit to break!

Amy said...

So many things I'm nodding my head to in this post! Crafting make me happy too :) and I absolutely love the craft blogs. I feel the same way about blogging as well. My husband and I have been going through a lonely spell so it's been a comfort to make some friends :)

Mrs Blythe said...

Lol, I was trying to think of something jokingly catty to say but I couldn't! We love your blog and we love you!

And congratulations on kicking the cigarette smoking! Well done! Lol I'll send you an awful picture of me in my smoky days...oh dearie me.

Lisa said...

Plainandsimple I always thought I was great at grammar, until I started writing. lol Blogging is, indeed, a blessing.

Randi, it's so easy to lose track of time in the world of craft blogs. lol Welcome to Groggyfroggy. :) I never realized how often I say "I have to say..." until I saw your blog and so for a while now I think of you every time I start to say or type that.

Amy That head-nodding is a perfect example of what's so great about this whole blogging thing. Knowing others "get" it, too.

Sarah, loved that picture. It was awful. LOLOL Thanks for the love. :) Right back at ya.

Roberta said...

Lisa~ Congratulations on quitting you and your husband. My husband smoked before we were married (he started as a very young teen) and the Lord really took the desire. I am so glad you are feeling healthy results already.

I too really enjoy Alicia's blog and fact I had planned on going into her shop when we went back to the Portland area for a visit with family, but couldn't squeeze it in. Now that she's closing shop what am I gonna do?...knock on her door and say "Hi, I read your blog. Your cool!" LOL okay not really!

I loved her cagelets and designed a type of birdperch of my own using leftover wire (my honey's an electrician) to hang over my laundry area. SOMEDAY when I get a digital and the laundry area finished I WILL post a pic. :)
Well, long enough comment I think. :)

Emma said...

I love visiting your blog Lisa :) And I am so with you on the craft thing, though I am paralysed with all the ideas I have for our home at the moment!

Love, Emma

Lisa said...

Thanks Roberta. Oh I'd love to see your cagelet type thing. I love the ones Alicia makes and the birds, too. That's a funny visual of you walking up to Alicia and saying that, but you know..I bet people have. Well, maybe not at her home. lol

Emma, thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. I know what you mean about being paralyzed..almost like you don't know where to start. It's kind of exciting, though!

Shereen said...

lol As I was reading your post, I honest thought to myself, wow, Lisa is writing, YAY, and then I got to the part, "Well, I can't believe you read this whole thing." That's so funny. It was nice to read your thoughts. I do love the pictures though. That is such great news, that you have been able to keep up with the no smoking. You'd be surprised what a huge influence we have on those around us, just by our actions. YAY for Tim as well. Keep it up!!