Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cleaned up and ready to go.

I do clean sometimes.
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I cleaned my desk. I've been having fun just drawing whatever comes to mind. I'm working on a little paper lunchbag book, just so I can experiment with different things. I've joined in a "chunky book" swap and I wanted to play a little bit before I start it.

Here are a few pics of the things I've been doodling.

Lunchbag book cover doodle
This is the cover. Sort of a :) (oh and my hair is that short; I got it cut).

just playing


Hand-painted Gift bag And this is a picture of the last gift bag I did. I didn't quite capture the colors. They're more vibrant than the photo shows.


Hulda said...

The shoe bag looks great, nice pattern on it.
I have seen that mrs blythe have closed her blog, sad, I think. I used to look into it often.

Lisa said...

Hulda, thanks. I traced the pattern from a book with the intention of stitching it. I decided painting it would be fun.

Yes, I miss Mrs. Blythe, too. She felt she was spending too much time blogging.

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Aah, Lisa

There's nothing better than a good messy desk...unless it's a nice neat one!lol! I love the cowboy boot bag, in fact I'm loving all of these gift bag things you're doing.

Kitty Couture said...

What a lovely, lovely desk! And you've been busy once more :)
(you'll have to show us your new haircut!)

Miss Robyn said...

too much time blogging ?? I can't believe that, hee, hee.
love your book & self portrait !

KaiBlue said...

those are wonderful... Oh i have to make some in the middle of cleaning up the **other* half of my craft room today...Thanks for the encouraging words Ms Froggy!!!
Peace n hugs, Kai.

Lisa said...

Thanksplainandsimple! I actually enjoy the messy desk but I was to the point of working in my lap because there was no more room. lol

Isabelle, thank you. The desk belonged to Tim's father. It's where he wrote his sermons for years. I asked Tim what he thought his dad would think of having paint and stuff all over it. Tim said "oh, he'd love it." :)

MissRobyn, lol, I know! Whoever heard of too much blogging? Thanks on the book and self-portrait.

Kai, I thought that was a great way of cleaning your craft room. I've seen them do that on organizing shows. Gives you new perspective. Wish I could help! (although we may get less done) lol

homespun living said...

I love your drawings, Lisa! The chunky book swap sounds interesting.
The gift bag came out great!

Lisa said...

Thanks Debbie!