Thursday, July 20, 2006


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What's a girl to do for inspiration on blogless days? I got some vintage mags from the thrift store. I remember the ads like they are from yesterday.


I went to the library and borrowed as many books as I could carry and then yesterday was date day. We ended up Barnes and Noble. I hadn't planned to buy anything (I have the hardest time spending money on books when I can get them for free from the library) but while I was being overwhelmed in the craft book section (wonderfully overwhelmed), Tim walked over and plunked several books in my hand, saying I may be interested in them...and all were just a few dollars. He loves a book discount!! They were all craft books and I took them all. Woot!


So, that's what I've been up to for the past few days. There is so much inspiration out there, so many creative minds who are willing to share their ideas and encourage us to come up with our own. The attitude of crafters is so open and giving. It is an awesome thing.

Craft on!


Amy said...

All those books look like *so much fun*! Enjoy!

Lisa said...

They are, they are! Just ask my laundry hamper. lol

Anonymous said...

Wey hey! How many books? So many ideas. Whatcha gonna make? Whatcha made already? :o)

Lisa said...

I made a drawstring bag a few nights ago. I didn't line it but I put clothespins in it and hung it from the leg of my ironing board (as it sits against the wall in the laundry room). I made it from a vintage looking pillowcase (it's Tim's pillowcase from years gone by...shhhhh don't tell him I cut it up). I'd like to applique "pegs" on it as I've seen on some sites. We are becoming quite English around here, don't ya know? I have heard it said and I've noticed lately that it's true...if Americans name something it is as long a name as one could think of while those in the UK get down to the nuts and bolts....examples...elevator vs. lift; clothespins vs. pegs; apartment vs. flat. I like the no nonsense approach of the UK. :)

Hulda said...

oh, yes, so much insoiration. It looks like real fun to me. I love such old magazines too. :)

Susan said...

Books! I could drown in books! Can't wait to see all you make from your treasure!

Anonymous said...

Well we do say petrol instead of gas. Lol. That's the only reverse example I could think of, hmmm, aha courgettes is longer than zucchini (?spelling)just, but then courgettes is french. Lol. It's funny I did think of doing a post on all the different words we use, even though we speak the same language, you know - nappies, diapers, etc.

Cindi said...

I missed you! I am glad to see you found so much inspiration. I can't wait to see what Tim made.

Lisa said...

lol Sarah

Aww thanks Cindi. I missed you, too, and you had so much for me to catch up on!

Tim's stuff is up now...but you probably knew that already.

One of these days I'm going to give you a call...and if you're too busy sewing or something, just tell me and we'll try another time (otherwise, I'll never call because I'll worry that I'm interrupting lol)