Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I almost got out of this......

but I knew I was sunk when I saw it at Mrs. Blythes. LOL

5 Things in my Refrigerator: Leftovers, yogurt, a bunch of different salad dressings, ready-to-eat salads, cottage cheese

5 Things in My Closet: My clothes, his clothes, sheets on a wire shelf thingy, his old teddy bear, a kite. (we don't have a lot of closets. lol)

5 Things in My Purse: wallet, chapstick, change, coupons and fabric swatches.

5 Things in My Car: My grandpa's cap (it was his car originally), my grandma and grandpa's umbrellas, a car cover that I keep forgetting to put on the car, a box I keep forgetting to drop off at Goodwill, and the boys backpacks that we keep forgetting to bring in now that school is finished.

Ok, that was actually fun. I forgive you Mrs. Blythe. lol

Hmmm, I forgot to tag anyone for this so.....I tag
Vintage Wine and
Hulda when she gets back from her vacationing.


Mrs Blythe said...

A kite? lol, sorry for putting you up to this! OK, no I'm not! ;o)

Vintage Wine said...

Nice to learn more about you ;-)

Mrs.B. said...

LOL I thought I had escaped too and then our lovely friend Mrs. Blythe tagged me too! (o;

Actually I don't normally mind doing these but the last two meme's I did some misunderstanding would happen with it so I felt like I was under 'the meme curse' and vowed to not do anymore of them. But as you can see I tried again. (o:

Vintage Wine said...

I like these things & now I`ve posted my list :-)