Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Frog news **UPDATE**

Woot! They want my bookmarks. The shoes aren't quite right for their shop but she's going to tell people about them, which I think is so gracious of her.

Thanks everyone for your support. This community is really something! I'm off to make book thongs/bracelets/thingies. :) Yay!

Well, you sweet people have been so encouraging that I had this great idea and actually jumped on it today. You've read here several times about my favorite prim/vintage/shabbychic shop in town...Two P's in a Pod, right? Well, it dawned on me that maybe they would like some of the things I make so I stopped there today to ask if they ever sell handmade items and they do! She told me to bring some in some time to which I replied..."Well, I just happen to have some in the car." lol I was so excited. I brought in two pairs of baby shoes and two of the book marks and she really seemed to like them a lot. The other partner wasn't there due to a death in the family, sadly, but when she gets back they'll make a decision. Either way, I was so tickled to see that someone else (in person, holding them in her hands) liked my things so I'm very excited and happy right now. :D

I went out today and thrifted some more baby pair is so itsy cute!!! I can't wait to paint them.

I hope everyone had a good day. I did a lot of running around today so no crafting done. I did a lot of sewing, cutting and gluing yesterday...but the end product must remain a mystery for a little while. :)

My stepdaughter Emily is here for the summer and she is crocheting an outrageously neon green and orange bedcover for her room. It's huge! It's really fun to have someone to crochet with. She showed me how to finger crochet a really cool scarf, too. I'll have to do one and show you. It looks easy but I haven't actually done it yet. Now that I think about it, it looked too easy. I'm sure there's a trick to it. lol

Mike's dad and I had a very good long talk today. No homeschooling, but we did agree on so many other things and I think this may be the year that Mike gets his act together...whether he likes it or not. ;) I told Tom (my ex..confusing, no?) that it would have been easier to just stay married and he agreed. It was kind of funny, but kind of bittersweet...but I finally got to say "I'm really sorry about that." That was good for my soul and maybe for his. Now we can get on with living the lives we have now and stop kicking ourselves so much...and stop being too easy on children because of our divorce guilt. Deep sigh. It was a good talk. Funny thing is...he and I are so much alike and we married two people who are verrrrrrrry different from us, but like each other. lol Very opinionated, very forceful. Funny, huh? Not funny ha-ha, but funny...ironic.

Anyway, communication is a good thing. I recommend it.


Amy said...

Lots of good news all around! I bet it would be such a thrill to see your things for sale in the shop :)

Mrs.B. said...

Oh Lisa that's so great about.....well.....everything!

Your stuff is adorable...I bet they want to sell it.

Now that you have made your peace with Tom (?) maybe things will go better....a united front with the kiddos goes a long way!

I'm so happy for you!


Happymama said...

I absolutely love the baby shoes. I think they'll sell quickly. If they don't, I'll be surprised!

I'd love to see your stepdaughter's project. Sounds interesting.


Emma said...

That is such exciting news, Lisa! No shop owner could resist those adorable shoes! I am glad that you and Tom are working things out. It's better that the lines of communication are open :)


Susan P. said...

Lisa, that is wonderful, exciting news! Everything you make is just so adorable. I know your things will sell really well in the shop! Keep us updated!!

Hulda said...

So wonderful! I hope the store would like to sell your things. I have sold a lot of things in my blogstore. I shold sew some new things later, in the automn.

Mrs Blythe said...

Phew I finally got on your blog, it's either Blogger or my computer but I've been trying all day.

Yey for your news, I hope you get to sell lots of your stuff. Let us know how you get on.

I'm so pleased, Praise God, that you have sorted out some of your difficulties with Tom.

Blessings. :o)

Mrs Blythe said...

Yipidydoodah! hurrah for your bookmarks I'm rather partial to them myself ;o)

Roberta said...

Yeah for you!!! :)

Vintage Wine said...

I`m so excited by your news & I`m very very happy for you! :-) But most of all, I`m impressed by how brave I think you are!

Lisa said...

Amy It really would be!

mrs.b. Thank you so much. I think a united front will make a huge difference.

Kristi, thanks! They can't use the shoes but she's going to pass along the word about them and she gave me some other ideas. :)

Emma, for sure. If we had learned to talk before the divorce...well, that's water under the bridge. I'm happy that we may have figured it out in time to help the kids.

Susan, thank you. I appreciate your kind words so much.

Hulda, I'm so glad to hear you've sold alot of things. I had wondered but forget to ask. Maybe one day we can do a store swap and send each other things...the postage is killer though.

Sarah hehe I hope you like yours when it gets there. Gosh, the UK should be very safe judging from the paperwork I had to fill out. lol

Roberta, thanks!!

Elisabeth, Wow,thanks...I hadn't thought of myself as brave. ::sitting up straight all puffed up now:: hehehe

Emma said...

Congratulations Lisa!! I am so proud of you. Now get crafting ;)


Hulda said...

yes, it would be fun to send some things to eachtoher! I am finally home again, and I have updated my blog with a lot of new photos. :)

Lisa said...

Emma, thanks and yes ma'am. hehehe Actually, I'm all finished. :)

Hulda, I'm headed over right now to take a look. Yay!

Susan P. said...

Lisa, I am so excited for you!! That is just wonderful about the bookmarks! YAY!!

Kali said...

Well done and congratulations Lisa...this is wonderful news about the shop.
Also wanted to say that I am glad that your ex and you are moving on and letting go of some guilt...It's such a useless emotion. Good Luck deserve it! xox