Saturday, July 08, 2006

A few crafty items.

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I had written a nice long post today and lost it and a couple of more pictures but I'm too tired tonight so here's a pic of the things I picked up today. The basket everything is in was one of the things I bought. 

I've been working on my needleroll all evening while I chatted with the boys. I realized I had a reading lamp that wasn't being used and brought it in the livingroom/family room. It works great for stitching. Now I think I'll hit the hay. Good night. :)


Vintage Wine said...

It`s annoying when a post is lost like that. Hope you have had a good night`s sleep!

Hulda said...

I hate it when I lost my post... terrible!!! You have bought a lot of nice craft things. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't quite see what you have bought there Lisa. Does the book say 'Dynamics of Worship'? Looks a great pile of nice crafty things though. Have a great sunday!

Lisa said...

Vintage Wine, it sure is. I slept really well, thanks. :)

Hulda, I hate it, too! I had fun choosing things. :)

Sarah, Yes, Dynamics of Worship. It was written in the 60s by a French (hmmm, theologian or minister) and translated in 1975 by a gentleman from Princeton Theological Seminary. I read a bit of it last night and I love it. So far he is speaking of when the liturgy made a comeback and worship became more participatory rather than just the minister "worshipping" while the people observed. Good stuff.

Hulda said...

Lisa, I saw your email, but I couldn`t find the link to the web site you write about.. It wasen`t there.

Lisa said...

Hulda, I don't remember sending anything since the little flower "Tuva" picture. (that was so cute).