Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Tim surprised me by asking me to lunch today. Our favorite Indian place, Swagats, was closed so we walked around downtown a bit. There was a car show going on which was fun to look at. These sunflowers were the first thing we saw on the market after we parked.
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We ate at the Center in the Square which has just about any kind of food you could want. We had Cuban pressed sandwiches.

This is the back of my honey..paying for our food. It was yummy.

It was very hot out today but I enjoyed milling around with other folks for a bit.


Vintage Wine said...

What a nice surprise :-) I love surprises! It` always fun to go out and eating lunch with someone you enjoy spending time with, but when it`s a surprise it`s even more fun since you didn`t expect it.

Hulda said...

Yes, I agree with vintage wine. Surpirses are really funny! And eating out is nice to do now and then. :)

Lisa said...

We really enjoyed it. :)

Mrs.B. said...

Ooooh, sunflowers are my second favourite flower!

Sounds like a lovely day. (o:

Lisa said...

It was. Welcome back, Mrs. B. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day and a great surprise. The sunflowers were beautiful. Now you just need some fireworks and you've got yourself a celebration!

Meow said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for coming over and visiting one of my blogs. It's always nice to meet new blog friends.
You have a lovely blog here, I will be back later to have a bit of a read.
Take care, Meow

deb said...

Hi Lisa, Glad you had a good time out. Do you know my husband invited me out to eat (surprise!) this past Saturday for lunch since it was my b'day weekend. Unfortunately, I had already eaten my lunch at 11 a.m. since he was busy working outside (because I had breakfast so early before going to yard sales)! Oh my! I missed out!

Glad you had a good 4th!

Lisa said...

Sarah, I saw a few neighborhood fireworks last night, so I feel properly celebrated. lol

Meow, Good to see you here. :)

Deb, Oh no! I would have been tempted to eat again. lol

Cindi said...

Lisa my family went to our friend's at Thaxton for water games, a cookout, and fireworks. I was suppose to go, but, right after I got up I came down with the chills. I got terribly sick. So DH took the children and went and I stayed home and slept all day. I did watch the fireworks on TV.

Lisa said...

Cindi, I actually thought of you last night when I could hear fireworks in the distance (the big official kind) and I thought "Cindi's probably sitting around here somewhere watching them"....sadly, I was wrong. :( I hope you feel better today.