Friday, July 14, 2006

Been busy....

After all the crafting this week, I did some organizing today. This is my craft space in the bedroom. It's a dressing table but everything in it and on it is pretty much craft-related, with the exception of a brush tucked in the drawer and some q-tips in a tin. A lot of my craft stuff is in the dining room in baskets, but these drawers hold paint, stamps, oodles of spools of threads and vintage sewing stuff and other odds and ends.

Some of these things had been spread around and in the way. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of some of it today and decided to "hide it in plain sight", so I decorated with it. :) I love the effect. It's my little hippy, vintage space and makes me smile.

Vintage Wall

My vintage-ish wall
Yes, I painted butterflies on my wall. lol

Vintage shelf
This shelf has a thrifted album I painted, a small thrifted glass bottle, some book thongs I made, a thrifted candle holder and a candle I bought years ago.


Hulda said...

I think your dressing table is very lovely. The shape of the mirror looks so nice! And so much decorating! :o) cute little butterfly at the wall too.

Karen said...

Looks nice and cozy and most importantly easy to get to. I have so much stuff crammed away in bins. It takes me forever to find it and most isn't that easily accessible. Great job!

Mrs.B. said...

What a wonderful idea Lisa! Instead of hiding it use it as art.

Anonymous said...

You have some really pretty things. I like the painted album, and the little tins. Your dresser looks antiquey :o)

Lisa said...

Hulda, thank you. I'm glad you like it. I keep thinking of your dressing table and wanting to decorate mine more like that. (some day when I have a craft room, my dressing table will grow up lol).

Karen, It's weird how craft stuff grows! You start out with this one box and then next thing you know, it's taken over every available thing with a cover. lol

Mr.s B. thanks. :)

Thanks Sarah. It is an antique. It belonged to my ex-husband's mother. She gave it to us nearly 20 years ago and she said it was an antique then. It was nice of Tom (my ex) to let me take it.

Hulda said...

I am sure the dressing table will look good in a light colour. :o)

Roberta said...

I like your hippie/eclectic style...Mine is similar. Not really "theme-y" just "I like what I like". :)
and...I am holding my breath about you painting your vanity. I have one that is very similar to yours and keep going back and forth about *shabby-chic-ing* it. (but I tend to think about things for a LONG time before diving in...well not so much a dive but a toe dip.)
Sooo...if you do will you post pics? I am cautiously curious! :)

Lisa said...

If I were to paint it, I would definitely post it, but I must admit it's highly unlikely that I'll paint it. I would love to see how it looked in white or cream..but I doubt I'll ever bring myself to do it. lol I'm not waffling at all, huh?

Roberta said... for syrup or jam with your waffle-in'? ;)
I hear you though...once you alter it you can't put it back. On the flipside I have seen some pieces transformed with paint.
You first! :)

Lisa said...

lol no, no you first. I insist.