Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yard Sale Finds

These wouldn't have been my cup of tea a year ago, but now I see the charm in them. I think with new frames these prints could be really nice.

The total was $5.00. I also got a little white vase that didn't make it into the picture.


Susan said...

I really like the ones of the children, and the frames on those top two are gorgeous! You got some nice finds today!

Hulda said...

Such beautiful pictures! And I really like the frames too, especially at the first one. If you don`t like the pic you can easely put a new one in the frame. Very nice! :)

Karen said...

Nice finds! I like the green dish thingy, is it ceramic? And of course, I love any picture with a collie in it. ;) I hope you are having a good day Lisa!

Lisa said...

Susan, those (the ones of the children) ended up in my laundry room. They make me smile. :)

Hulda :)

Karen, It is ceramic. I like it, too. I thought of putting a plant in it but now it's holding my needleroll. lol A much more noble calling.

Anonymous said...

Liiisssaaa, missed you my blogging chum!

Anyway, lots to read, so shhhh, I'm busy...nice pictures by the way! :o)