Saturday, June 10, 2006

Through the Grapevine...Wreath

Mrs. R. who is now on the team at Be Not Conformed assembled a new wreath. She was inspired by Mrs. Wilt. Mrs. Wilt has made a couple of different wreaths and given us nice and clear instructions for assembling our own. Now I have been inspired by both Mrs. Wilt and Mrs. R. and here is my wreath. I hope you can see the difference.

I'd like to give some background to this wreath. When I was at the end of my year as Moderator of Presbyterian Women, this wreath was given to me in a ceremony. It was beautiful. Since then my life has changed a lot and I've moved twice and the poor thing was just falling apart. I hesitated to change it because of the history attached to it, yet, it was just ugly and didn't do its history justice. Now I love it. It hangs in our bedroom and now actually matches and adds a little something to the decor. :)



Closeup of flowers: (yes, I'm standing on a dining room chair holding it up to the light lol).


Lisa said...

Sorry. Maybe I can take better pictures tomorrow. I can see now that you really can't tell the difference between them. lol

Anonymous said...

The wreath is lovely now Lisa :o)What is a 'Moderator of Presbyterian Women'?

Lisa said...

lol now I see why you said you were questioning. I read the other comment first.

Presbyterian Women is our ladies group and I was moderator (president) for a year. It had to lead business meetings, schedule speakers and open and close the big meetings (scary because I am no public speaker). It was a good experience.

Lisa said...

(*I* had to, not it had to.

Shereen said...

It came out very pretty. Even though you changed it up a bit, I'm sure the memories of your time as a moderator are still there. You all are inspiring me to try my hand at making a wreath.

Hulda said...

it was a bit dark, but I can see the improvement. It looks nice!

Lisa said...

Shereen, It was fun. Now I want to make more of them. I ended up changing the ribbon on this one to a cream colored one that was bigger and would go all the way around. It's a good frugal way to decorate. hehe

Hulda, Thanks. :) I hope to get a better camera soon so that I don't have to carry everything to a light to take a picture of it. lol