Thursday, June 15, 2006


I don't exactly have this crocheting-in-a-circle thing down yet but I've been seeing these covers both online and in books I browsed at Barnes&Noble, so I made one last night. I think they're so neat and even though mine is a little crooked..ok..a lot crooked, I still like it. It's like me...kinda poorly shaped but it keeps the bugs out of things. hmmmm. I'll have to work on that.

I was dropping the boys off at their Dad's house for the day yesterday and down the street sat this cute little table. I scooped it right up. Now...any suggestions as to how I should use it? My first thought was garden because I've been on the lookout for things that flowers could grow up and through.
And finally, a moment of silence please. (60, 59, 58....) Last year this Rhodedendron bloomed so beautifully but I think I let the honeysuckle choke it out. It smells so good when you sit on the front porch that I left it this year. I wasn't thinking. :( Goodbye served us well.


Anonymous said...

The little crocheted piece is lovely, it doesn't look too crooked to me, but I am no expert. Anything that keeps the summer bugs out has got to be a bonus.

Lol at the Rhodedendron (what a funny word to spell) I will give it an honourable minutes silence! Lol. I loooove honey suckle. My darling husband ripped ours out - herumph! But it was getting a bit spindly.

and now for the minute's silence...

Hulda said...

The little table you find looks perfect for plants to grow inside, and climb on. It would be lovely when it grows, I think.

Hulda said...

ps I have a new little post today. ;o)

Lisa said...

Sarah, thank you. lol

Hulda, I thought you might like it. :) I thought at first I might paint it but now I'm not sure.

I saw your post. Tuva is so adorable.

Cindi said...

I love the crochet thingy. If you knew the name of them you could goggle it for free patterns online! I have killed every Rhodedendron I planted and I didn't even have anything growing near it!