Friday, June 02, 2006

A Few Pictures from My Day

I made a cloth for a bookcase that sits beside the front door. I also pulled in a few different things from around the house to freshen it up. I had had the same old things sitting there for far too long. I had a tiger daylily that looked so pretty but being a daylily, it had closed by the time I took the picture.

My daylilies started blooming yesterday! You know the first year we lived here I mowed them, not realizing what they were. Last year I decided to let the weeds grow and see what I had. To my surprise I had these beautiful orange blooms.

I did a good bit of sewing today. Tim was out of town and I took full advantage of the quiet time and ability to go from sewing machine to ironing board to fabric stash without getting in someone's way. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Deb...lots of prayers and love going your way! Micah and Elizabeth~~~~~Congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pretty things Lisa! How great to have time at your sewing machine. I borrowed my Mum's about 2 weeks ago and it hasn't come out of the box yet :o( Those little orange day lily flowers are just beautiful. So delicate. God has such good taste - lol that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean. Did you read my post on Creation? I'm a bit obsessed with Creation since our assistant pastor mentioned it in the preaching. I suddenly remembered as a child I would marvel at all the beauty around me, but now as I am older my eyes are down when I walk and everything is hurry, hurry. I need to stop and smell the flowers :o)

Sorry long comment. Have a great day.

Hulda said...

I really like your new cloth, may be you could take a close-up of it? It was a bit diffecult to see, a bit dark at the picture. And it is real fun to redecorate a bit. :) The daylilies look beautiful, we have a flower that look like it, it is a lily too. crown imperial, I think is the word in english.

Lisa said...

Sarah, I hope you can use the sewing machine soon. I'm just terrible at it. lol I can't cut or sew a straight line to save my life, but it is still relaxing to me.

I agree about God's good taste. :D I've often thought about how nature could work just as well without being beautiful. The leaves could just fall off in a clump, flowers could be a dull color. Somehow we are wired to appreciate the way things look and things are made to appeal to us. It is an amazing bit of planning God did to make that happen, I think. Your comment wasn't too long...I loved it. :)

Hulda, it was a bit comical when I was getting that picture. It was dark in the room yesterday. The sun doesn't shine in there until the end of the day and at that time it was storming. I had a floor lamp on top of a chair holding it with one hand while taking the picture with another. lol I was so anxious to get a picture and that is why it is so dark. I will try to get another one when it is brighter in that room. :) I looked at some of your favorite inspiration links yesterday. I've looked at them before but yesterday I really studied them. It made me look at things I had in a new way. I had lots of fun. :D

Lisa said...

Hulda, I just thought of something. I don't know if you clicked on the pictures, but you can make them bigger by clicking and it's a bit easier to see.

Karen said...

I love lilies! It looks like you have a nice big bunch of them too. What a joy to have in your garden and not even realize they were there. :)

My mother sews and I can use her sewing machines whenever I want (she has 2 or 3), she has even offered to give me one, but I can't sew. :( All of your little table clothes have made me want to try. They look so nice.

Lisa said...

Karen, Yes! It was a very nice surprise. You should try. You might get addicted. :)