Saturday, June 03, 2006

Congratulations Deb!

Deb from Mountain Musings gained a daughter-in-law a couple of hours ago. Congratulations. May this day be the first of many joyful times for your family and for the couple. :)


Mrs Blythe said...

Wasn't the photo of the lovely couple gorgeous.

Lisa said...

It sure was! Gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride and groom and they look so happy.

deb said...

Thank y'all so much, Mrs. Blythe and Lisa!!! I'm just now checking in to Groggy Froggy on Wed night (actually Thurs morning now!) since before we left for the wedding. So I'm just getting to see this post! Thank you.

My Bloglines are so backed up! I have 11 Groggy Froggys to read and 17 Seeking His Glorys to read!!! Will I ever catch up!

Thank you for being so patient with me. I'll start back to commenting now. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Deb! Welcome home. I missed you a lot. Take your time catching up. We're a chatty bunch aren't we? LOL