Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A pic of my yard sale yarn

Advice for today: Don't buy batteries at Big Lots! I thought my camera was broken. I mean, I just put new batteries in it and it still wasn't working. But in desperation, I bought more batteries, popped them in and it's as good as new. Whew. So, here is a pic of all the yarn I got for $1 at the yard sale. There were 29 skeins, many untouched and almost all were really full and good yarn.

This is one of the baskets I got for 50 cents.

The yarn is bringing me much fun. I'm making a set of dishrags and I just love them.

I also picked up my cross stitch needle again last night and got in some good stitching. I fixed dinner in the crockpot yesterday. Monterey Spaghetti, yummy. Michael, my younger son, came in early and asked if he could go ahead and make the salad (greek..again yummy) and I said "sure!" so we had eaten and the dishes were put away all before 6 pm so I had plenty of time to do my stitching. Now I'm in the groove again. I plan to get some more done today.

I went to bed at 10:15 last night. Yay! So I woke up at 4:30am which is exactly what I'd hoped would happen. I've done my devotions (thanks Mrs. Catherine) and now I've blogged, had some coffee...I'm off to shower before waking kiddoes. Today is my date day with dh. ♥ (I hope that shows as a is on my pc- it's alt 3)

Everyone have a really wonderful day. Remember to pray. I keep having to remind myself to pray, really pray. I reminded my dear son the other night too. He was having some difficulty and I told him to pray. He said "Oh yeah, that helped the other night." LOL Weird how we forget such a precious priviledge, isn't it? I mean..we're communicating with the Creator of the Universe. Amazing.


Isabelle said...

Oh, I love your basket! 50 cents, wow!!
Gave a beautiful day Lisa :)

Lisa said...

Hi Isabelle! :)

deb said...

Hi Lisa, looks like you hit the jackpot at your yard sale!! I am going to check the ads this week and see if anything jumps out at me to go looking for.

And...if you mention the name of a certain dish, you know you'll be asked to post the recipe :) Why is the spaghetti called Monterey?

What cross stitch are you doing? Now that I've finished my quilt I was working on, I feel FREE! to start something else. My yarn dishcloth comes to mind, and also my birdhouse cross-stitch.

Glad you had a productive morning. I'm just starting on mine! Cya later :)

Lisa said...

Hi Deb! It's called Monterey because it has monterey jack cheese in it. I'll post the recipe on the blog. :) it's really good.

I did hit the jackpot. Church yard sales are always good for some reason and the money went to help with their playground which they open to the community. I used to take my kids there when they were small, so that was nice too.

I am working on a chart that Katrina @ A Kiwi Stitching sent me from 4myboys. I'll take a pic later and post it (with the recipe hehe).

I'm jealous of your quilting ability. I want to make one and can't work up the courage to start. Congrats on finishing yours. The dishcloths are so fun to do and useful ,too.

deb said...

Lisa, thanks! And, if you ever do start a quilt...I'd suggest a small wall hanging is a good project to begin. And if you wanted to follow Randi's instructions at her site, the pictures could walk you thru it. And she's available for any questions if you run into a problem. And if I can do it, anyone can!! :)

Mrs Blythe said...

Great basket, you sound so creative. And your comment about praying - so true, makes one's mind boggle at the thought of talking to the Creator of the Universe! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. Next question, what is LOL?

Lisa said...

I'm really not that creative. I'm just trying to learn a few crafts here in my "prime." hehehe My stepson said "I guess you hit a certain age and you just have to knit." LOL He calls it all knitting, of course.

LOL means Laugh out Loud...or Laughing out Loud.

Cindi said...

Awe Lisa, I drove by that yard sale and decided I didn't have time to stop! Man am I jealous! I could have gotten that yarn! I need to try to go to a yard sale this year. I didn't go to any last year. Thanks for the reminder about prayer!