Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 6

I was trying to show you the cherries on the tree. :) The boys ate all the ones off the lower limbs yesterday. They're not quite ripe, but almost.

I am back to my denim skirt and sandals today, with a sleevless top I got a few years ago. I got the top and another like it at Goody's and I just about wear them out in the summer, but they're hanging in there. :)

I have to admit, other than having to take pictures every day (lol) I've enjoyed wearing dresses for the past week. I am also learning, through these pictures, what looks ok on me and what doesn't. I'll be much more careful in the future with the way I choose skirts (and I probably WILL choose more skirts than dresses). I will always keep a pair or two of pants on hand, but I haven't felt as restricted in my dressses as I expected and after a week I don't feel like I'm being silly.

I also think it could be a real storage saver. I won't need as much room in the dresser and probably a money saver, too, as it's easier for me to find a skirt that fits properly than jeans; particularly at the thrift store. In some ways, it's much more comfortable to wear skirts, althought I would like to have some longer ones. I have a winter one that is perfect. It's long and it's cut with "v's" in it so that it appears to slim me. It's a woosher, too, which I love. hehe "woosh."

I skipped church today, or I might have had on a more colorful linen dress. I need to get back to church. I've missed two weeks now. I just needed a break. I sing in the choir, so if I don't feel like doing that now and then, I have to stay home because if I go to church and don't sing, everyone wants to know why I'm not in the choir loft and it aggravates the choir director. Sometimes I long to go to a different church where noone knows me, for just a Sunday or two, but I do love my church. I just have to skip now and then to avoid burnout.

This turned into a much longer post than I intended. Have a great rest of the day everyone.


Anonymous said...

You made me laugh that it aggravates the choir director. lol. Although I suppose it is no laughing matter really, doh! It sounds like you love your church, which is good. Ilove my church too.

You look lovely again. :o)

Kelleigh said...

Lisa, your garden is soo leafy and green! (ok, get over it Kelleigh). I thought this was a romantic shot of you in the garden by the cherry tree. You look graceful, a lovely image. Wouldn't be the same in pants. Uh, uh.

I get to stay home from church lots because we don't have a congregation nearby that shares the same faith. I might have mentioned before (somewhere?) that we do have a church in our city that is of similar belief and we help out there. But due to the dissimilarity of belief, we often need a break and worship at home.

Kelleigh said...

Lisa, I've been updating my links and thought you wouldn't mind if I add 'Groggy Foggy' to my side bar!

Isabelle said...

That is such a beautiful picture, Lisa!

Lisa said...

Sarah, I guess that does sound pretty funny. lol But it does aggravate her. We never take vacations because we have to be here to take care of Tim's mom. It's easier to say you won't be at church if you're going away. To just stay home is somehow "bad" and is an imposition to her as she will certainly be "short on altos" that day. sigh. I dare say over the past few years I have been at church more Sundays than either the choir director or the pastors! They have a lot of vacation time.

Kelleigh, how I wish I could send some of my green to you. It's still rather surprising to me to see the green. It sort of all just sprouted a few weeks ago. In the winter it is a very brown surrounding. (feel better? lol)

I think I've seen the wonderful picture of you and that particular congregation. When you move from where you are now, where will you be going? (if you can answer) Oh, and I would be very pleased to be added to your links. I think I just added you without a word. lol I'll assume, at this point, that it's ok. :)

Thank you Isabelle. Nice to see you! My Nick took that pic. I think I look better in his pics than in hubby's. I wonder what the deal is there. lol

Mrs.B. said...

I agree Lisa, you do look so lovely and graceful in this picture!

I have been wearing 'dresses or skirts only' for about 12 years now. Sometimes it's not always convenient or easy but I've NEVER regretted the decision!

The changes you've made to your blog look so nice! Good job! (o:

Lisa said...

Thank you, Mrs. B. I like wearing dresses. I don't find it to be a moral issue for me or anything, but it just makes me feel good. I don't know that I will ever "make a decision" about it, but I know I'll be wearing dresses (or skirts) much more often. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I couldn't sleep one night and this is the result. :) I had a lot of fun doing it and it's country now, like me. hehe

Cindi said...

You are always welcome to visit us at Lakeside if you need a break.

Lisa said...

Thanks. I just might take you up on it sometime.