Friday, April 07, 2006

Now I've Done It

I went and made a stitching blog. Why? Because I joined a SAL for the first time, am stitching on something other than aida for the first time, am stitching a sampler for the first time and am making it into a needleroll for the first time. That's a lot of firsts and I can't run around reporting on everyone's comment logs, now can I? Half the wonderful blogs I stalk have no idea who I am!

I may be talking to myself and that's ok. I just want a good record of my learning progress in cross-stitching, crochet and knitting. (probably more crochet than knitting, actually). Plus, after reading so many blogs, I often find myself wanting to share things from my day as others have shared with me...and here I was without blog. (well, not exactly..I have the blog on which I write about matters of faith but I want to keep it to that topic). On this one, I can just chat and have fun, right? Right. Ok, then. I plan on having lots of pictures. Boy, how I wish there'd been a blogging world when my children were small. I'd have taken so many more pictures and I've a better record of how they went from lying in my arms to looking down at the top of my little pointy head.

Ok..onward. Up top are pictures of my SAL materials. At the bottom are some things I've stitched or am stitching. Some are really bad, some are ok. All were fun. :) When I have better light, I'll take pictures of my first letter (a, as it turns out) on my first sampler done on my first jobelin that will be my first needleroll. There was some question when I first got the jobelin home of whether I would be able to find the first (or any) stitch. I was overwhelmed by the tiny stitches and trying to count "over 2", but I persevered and now I have a proud "a" to signal my needleroll beginning.


Cathy said...

Welcome to the stitching bloggers world Lisa! I've been documenting since last summer and I'm having lots of fun with it - there are some really fun stitching bloggers out there. It is true - it is lots of fun seeing what everyone else is working on!

Good luck with your linen piece; you probably will never want to stitch on Aida again!

Welcome and Happy Stitching!

Lisa said...

Thanks Cathy. :) I already love the linen but I think I need bifocals. lol Thanks for being my first commenter!

AnneS said...

Welcome aboard to blogging, Lisa - I've just added you to my list of bloggers so I can keep up to date with your progress. I'm Anne in Melbourne, and supposed to joining the SAL too, but I didn't get around to starting this month ... will be ready for next month though :D I'm sure you'll love blogging - I use mine as a place for venting, chatting about nothing, and more importantly just a record of my stitching progress, and I've met so many wonderful friends through blogging, it's helped to make the world a much smaller and friendlier place ... as well as pushing my boundaries as a stitcher as I find I'm more interested in trying new things now after seeing other people blog about their projects etc. :D