Monday, April 24, 2006

A Mystery

I have jumped in "right where I am" with FlyLady again. Things weren't too bad but it's really nice having someone tell me when to do what. One less thing I have to think about. So, the zone we're in this week is the living room and I am doing the detailing. I was cleaning out my bookshelves, which I've been putting off for ever so long. It's a built-in bookshelf with 2 sets of 5 shelves side by side. I completed the left set of 5 shelves and I'll finish the other side here in a minute. I'm taking out each book and cleaning it, then cleaning the shelf and putting the books back. Here is the mystery. Why is it that I have room for 3 to 4 more books per shelf when I go to put them back? LOL It didn't look like books were missing. I didn't notice gaps. Yet, there is all this space when I put the clean books back. (and no, there wasn't THAT much dust on them) It's wonderful because I have books that have needed a home and I thought there was no room for them.

Thanks to all the blogging FLYers, like Susan who made FLYing sound like so much fun that I just had to start getting FLYmail again.

I think with all this FLYing, I may get some good stitching in tonight. I so hope to have some progress pics. Katrina was so sweet to send some charts my way so I think I'll stitch one of those up tonight. Fun!

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