Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Meal

Ah! The wonder of modern conveniences:

(oops, looks like I could detail the crockpot. Don't worry. That part doesn't touch the food. lol)

I am cooking dinner as I sit here typing. Isn't that something? Tim requested split pea soup for tonight. We had some leftover chicken and some carrots, so I put those in and added an onion and a couple of cloves of garlic, some butter, salt and pepper. I'll let you know how it turns out. I decided to break out the bread machine. I haven't used it in probably two years. I hear that gasp. I found a simple sweet bread recipe. Tim was pretty excited to walk in and see that I was making bread.

Since I had trouble finding my teaspoons and whatnot, I decided it was time to clean out that drawer. I wish I had taken a before picture because it turned out so well. I had too many things in there that didn't belong. I washed everything in the drawer, relocated some things, stacked the measuring cups and put all the measuring spoons in a container. Oh yes, I put the cups and spoons back after I cleaned the inside of the drawer with Murphy's Oil Soap. (you heard me right Mrs. B) hehe Soup, bread, Murphy' nose is in heaven.

I am so blog-influenced. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'm currently wearing a skirt, I've blessed my bathroom, rugs are in the washer, and I've joined Mrs. Catherine's yahoo group. She is so wonderful. She makes me feel that I shouldn't give up just because I haven't always done it right...because she admits to her own prior failings. I love that she told us to leave our husband's territory alone. I have wondered what to do about a few things that drove me crazy but I just kept doing my thing without sarcasm (this time) and would you believe, last night he walked through the house with a huge bag of trash and held it up for my inspection. He said "this is all from (that area that concerned me). hehe Thank you God, thank you Tim and thank you Mrs. Catherine.

I think my camera has died. :( Must have been the crockpot pic that did it. Oh well, it was a freebie digital camera that has lasted several years so I guess I can't complain too much. I probably will, anyway, though because I have so been enjoying putting pics on ol groggyfroggy.

Well, have a blessed day. Other than the camera thing, I am having a wonderful day. I think I'll go vacuum the living room and do some cleaning while hubby is at Harbor Freight. :)


Mrs.B. said...

Yay for Murphy's Oil Soap!! In fact my kitchen had some cooking odors in it so I opened the windows turned on the ceiling fan and filled a bucket with water and Murphy's....the room now smells GREAT!! Yes, I WILL actually clean with the water/Murphy's I didn't pour it JUST for the smell....but MOSTLY for the smell! LOL

It sounds like you've accomplished a lot of good things today.

And GREAT job in taking Mrs. Catherine's advice and NOT nagging your husband! It doesn't work anyway and a peaceful marriage is worth far more than a 'perfectly' cleaned house!

If you like to read, I did a post on a marriage book that really helped me with attitudes in my life. It's called 'Are You Serious About Marriage' by Keepers of the Faith (they're linked in my sidebar)

Have a great weekend Lisa!


Lisa said...

but MOSTLY for the smell! LOL You are so funny.

I do like to read and I will definitely look into that book.

I've had a pretty productive day even though I didn't have a written plan today. (that's never smart. lol) Still, I ironed a load of hubby's shirts and hung them, I vacuumed the living room and dining room and our bedroom. I switched out the rugs. In fact, I decided I no longer wanted rugs in my bedroom. The floors are so pretty and with the new offwhite bedspread, it's just nicer without now I have one in my front room where I really needed it. The one from the living room went there and the one from the bedroom went to the living room. lol It's just like shopping! I also was (why not just write a whole blog post here, eh?) was wondering what to do with an extra pillow that hubby likes to have at night but no longer looks right on the bed. I remembered that I had an old battenburg lace pillow case. I put it on and laid it at the foot of the bed. Perfect! Hmmm..what else? I finished washing the bathroom rug and seat cover and put them back where they belong.

Hubby is catching a cold, so I've been kind of babying him today, although he mostly just wants to be left alone. :)

I think that's it. I've picked up the kids from school and am now sitting here with a nice cup of hot water with lemon and relaxing with my new friend Mrs. B. :)

Cindi said...

Lisa, you have been so busy! I just got a big smile, we have the same coffee pot! My husband also shaves his head! I have been on Ms. Catherine's since last September. I have copies of all her magazine. Can you use Murphy's to clean painted wood?

Lisa said...

I would think so. You can use it on painted surfaces, it I guess painted wood would be safe.

Oh that's funny about your husband shaving his head and that coffeepot was a present from my younger son. I had a habit of breaking the glass caraffes. lol so he bought me one I couldn't break. :) I LOVE this coffeemaker. It's the greatest one I've ever had.

Lisa said...

I was thinking hard about subscribing to her magazine. I keep starting the process and then backing out. lol

Mrs.B. said...

Wow Lisa!

You sure got a lot done today!

After I left my comment I began to worry after suggesting the marriage book.....I didn't suggest it because I think there is anything wrong with your marriage! I got to thinking that you might think I did. You've been talking about attitudes lately on your blogs and the book addresses a lot on attitudes.

Well, then my husband came home and we left so I didn't get a chance to get on here and clarify what I was trying to say.

Whew....I'm so glad that you didn't take it wrong! I love blogs but just writing can be a difficult thing! LOL(o:


Mrs.B. said...

Oh....and I DID actually USE my bucket of Murphy's with water! My kitchen cabinets are gleaming and my doors and base boards are clean.

And yes, I have a painted tv armoire and I used it on that.

Besides, I don't care if it eats through my furniture....I LOVE the smell! (o; Well, ok, I'd probably stop if it ACTUALLY ate through my furniture! *smile*

Lisa said...

Mrs. B, You made me laugh first thing this morning! Thank you. That's a great way to start the day.

I think I might be cleaning my baseboards with Murphy's today. You've inspired me. (mine are painted though). I noticed when I vacuumed yesterday that they really needed it.

I took your recommendation of the book just as you meant it. :) We can all use a little help, too! Actually, I was a bit grumpy with hubby last night so I probably really need to get that book on attitudes. My words were definitely not wrapped in kindness. Well, they weren't words as much as sighs and eyes. lol Today is a new day. I think I'll go do my devotionals so maybe I'll do better today. :)

I loved waking up to your comments. Thank you!

Oh and if the Murphy's starts eating through your furniture, it might be time to back off on the elbow grease. hehe

Mrs.B. said...

My baseboards are painted too and it did just fine...I even used it on my painted doors and walls.

And I'm glad I made you smile! (o: