Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A day

I got some stitching done this evening and will go back and do some more in a bit. Nothing pic-worthy, though.

We worked in the yard today. DH put a new blade on the mower and then tried it out (on the worst part of the yard that I hate to mow) :) I picked up twigs and branches. I think I had enough to build a house! Then I raked leaves and more twigs. I then mowed where I had raked...and then raked again. Then I weeded. Whew! I'm so tired. My shoulders got a real workout...who needs a gym?

I also cleaned out the fridge, did 3 loads of laundry (where does it all come from?), hung some curtains in my mud room (which I decluttered and straightened up yesterday) and showered...twice. LOL

My boys bought a wheelbarrow for me for my birthday and this was my first chance to try it out. I loved it! It made my yardwork so much easier. I have a fairly long driveway and would have had to make a lot of trips to get all that stuff out there today. I ♥ my red wheelbarrow and the boys who gave it to me. ☺

I was going to spend 15 minutes with each boy tonight decluttering their room of outgrown clothes and toys but I am so tired that they may get out of it tonight.

Tomorrow is our date day. Tim and I will go out for lunch. It's our one hour a week that we are alone and out of the house at the same time. His mom is fine for an hour alone, plus she always has a request for cookies or something that we can bring back to her. It took us a while to establish this date day. I started wanting it years ago when I was doing Flylady stuff. We couldn't do it on Friday nights so we picked Wednesday, because that's the day my son walks to his dad's after school and I don't have to pick the other two up (the 2 high schoolers) until later, so we are not as rushed and can relax at home a bit (read: nap) before I have to drive. The other days I have to leave over a half hour earlier in order to pick up Michael from middle school and then on to the high school for the other boys.

I always look forward to our date day and I don't plan on getting much done that day so I work on Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday in mind. It's like a reward.

Speaking of rewards, I gave myself the treat of using my dishwasher tonight. I don't usually use it and just wash the dishes by hand but have I mentioned that I'm tired? Plus I cleaned out the fridge and wanted to put the plastic stuff through a nice hot cycle. I sure love to have the option.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. I'm going to go stitch some more if I can stay awake to count.


Isabelle said...

Wow Lisa, you sure have been busy! Nothing better than working in the garden :)

Enjoy your date today! That sounds like a wonderful idea. *hugs!*

Lisa said...

Hi Isabelle! Have a wonderful day.